Full-time Artist

Lance St. Vincent

Experience: Since 2012

Lance grew up on the NSW south coast where he started his apprenticeship in a local street shop and began his journey into professional tattooing.

A predominantly self taught artist before tattooing, Lance has been intrigued with tattoos and more specifically the Japanese style of art and tattooing for as long as he can remember.
Lance draws his inspiration from artists such as Horiyoshi III, Horisumi, Horikitsune, Judd Ripley, Gary Royal, Big Meas, BJ Betts and many more, as well as carvings, woodblock prints and paintings both old and new, with a focus on clean lines and strong colours.

His time in a busy street shop has served him well to learn his technique and up his skills and being able to take on most styles of tattoo including both simple and elaborate lettering, American traditional and Japanese styles.

Lance’s start with Authentink Studio means stepping up to the next level for him and starting a new chapter in his tattoo career, we welcome him to the team.

He has many finished drawings ready to tattoo and is constantly creating new pieces for upcoming clients and for walk-ins.. Lance will be guided and under the tutelage of Horisumi so we have great hopes from him as and upcoming tattoo artist on the Sydney tattoo scene.