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  1. Kian on Japanese tv!

    Japanese tv… known for crazy shows like Takeshi’s Castle, AKBingo and Iron Chef. And now…. Kian Forreal!

    Kian was interviewed by Japanese news channel TBS News on his involvement with the Japan Foundation and the opening of the Perseverance exhibition in Sydney.… [read more]

  2. Latest media coverage…

    We have had some fantastic media coverage this week from publications all over Australia, such as The Sydney Morning Herald, Daily Telegraph, Inner West Courier and The Age, just to name a few!


    Kian Media Authentink tattoo

    It has felt like the studio has always had a journalist or photographer loitering around everyday this week!… [read more]

  3. Perserverance Exhibition Opening at the Japan Foundation, Sydney


    Perseverance Kian Forreal tattoo

    Last night was the official opening of the Perseverance Exhibition in Sydney, hosted by the Japan Foundation in conjunction with the Art Gallery of NSW. This is the first time the photographic exhibition has left its home country of the United States at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles. … [read more]

  4. Some funny times with


    In the never-ending, often exhausting quest for hot spicy content to bring to you, our lovely, eternally thirsty readers, some PEDESTRIAN.TV writers would most likely draw the line at, say, imprinting their bodies with ink for the rest of their lives, just for a story.… [read more]

  5. The ancient and beautiful art of traditional Japanese tattoos

    Authentink SBS

    In conjunction with the Perseverance Exhibition coming to town, brought in by the Japanese Foundation and the Art Gallery of NSW, Kian Horisumi Forreal was approached by SBS to give his insight into the mysterious would of traditional Japanese tattoos.  The full article can be found here…

    “Japanese tattoo has got a rich cultural history – it’s powerful, it’s strong, it’s classic and timeless,” Horisumi tells SBS.… [read more]

  6. Perseverance: Japanese Tattoo Tradition in a Modern World

    horisumi art gallery of new


    See the artistry of traditional Japanese tattoo up close and personal in this stunning photographic exhibition, direct from the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles. 

    Perseverance features the work of seven internationally acclaimed tattoo artists—Ryudaibori (formerly Horitaka), Horitomo, Horishiki, Miyazo, Shige, Junii and Yokohama Horiken—along with tattoo works by selected others.… [read more]

  7. Horisumi – Kian Forreal at the Art Gallery of NSW

    Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 11.19.38 AM

    Horisumi will be doing a 2 hour lecture on July 23rd, 2016 from 2-4pm at the prestigious Art Gallery of NSW on the history and culture of Japanese Tattooing. Very exciting! You can book tickets online to attend on the link below… as seats are limited you should jump at the chance if interested because we think it might be quite popular!… [read more]

  8. HCF ~ new TV ad for tattoos!

    People get tattooed for many different reasons. Memorial tattoos, traditional tattoos, decorative tattoos, Japanese tattoos, American tattoos, geometric tattoos, cover-up tattoos, spur of the moment impulse tattoos.

    But its certainly a sign the times are changing when a mainstream private health insurance company is covering the cost of tattooing over a mastectomy scar!… [read more]

  9. Kian & Sake Restaurant in Melbourne


    After the success of the Sydney Sake restaurant interior design project with Kian Forreal, he has been asked to extend the designs into the newly renovated Melbourne Sake restaurant on the renowned Flinders Lane.

    As with the last project, Kian was brought in to do traditional japanese tattoo style body painting on the models.… [read more]



    culture_kings_logoIn 2016, legendary streetwear store Culture Kings approached Kian Forreal to participate in an apparel collaboration with Rats Get Fat.

    The “Rats Get Fat” brand represents a collection of hardworking individuals drunk on good times, refusing to fall in-line and conform.… [read more]

  11. Kian Horisumi Forreal & award winning Sake Restaurant!

    Kian Forreal Sake Restaurant


    Earlier in the year, Kian Forreal undertook a unique side project to his normal tattooing and business owner duties. An interior design firm approached Kian for his expertise and assistance in creating a new and authentic design to update and invigorate their award winning restaurant in The Rocks.… [read more]

  12. Inked AU Magazine, issue #39

    Inked Magazine Kian Forreal

    Grab your copy of Inked AU Magazine to read Kian’s latest article. For a bit of a change of pace, Kian will be using this and the next few issues to highlight some tattoo history, focusing on the origins in Japan and its impact on the west, and western tattooing!… [read more]

  13. New Shop Film – Authentink – East to West | 4K

    Check out this awesome short film made about our shop Authentink Studio and its founder Horisumi Kian Forreal. Watch in full screen for the full effect!

    Authentink – East to West ~ Horisumi Kian Forreal
    A look inside Sydney, Australia’s premier tattoo shop – Authentink Studio and the man behind it, Horisumi Kian Forreal.[read more]

  14. Kian Horisumi Forreal interviewed for Collide Magazine

    Collide magazine authentink

    Collide Magazine is a highly respected, Sydney based Art & Culture quarterly magazine. Adam de Ville interviewed Kian on his tattoo origins, how he came into the industry and on Traditional Japanese tattoos and the artwork he loves so much.

    Collide magazine authentink

    Collide magazine authentink

    Collide magazine authentink

    Collide magazine authentink

    Collide Art & Culture is a free, high-quality print publication focusing on both established and emerging musicians, artists and designers – showcasing the best in alternative music, art and fashion throughout the Australian and international context.[read more]

  15. Shop Feature in Tattoos Down Under Magazine Issue #92

    Authentink Tattoos Down Under

    We are so proud to announce a huge feature on Authentink Studio in the latest issue of Tattoos Down Under Issue #92! Grab a copy to check out a great interview between owner, Kian Forreal and Amsterdam based tattoo legend Marco Serio from The Blue Blood Studios.… [read more]

  16. Inked Artists Vol. 7 out now!

    Authentink Inked Magazine

    The latest issue of Inked Artists features some work from the amazing Seth Arcane!

    Seth Sydney Tattoo shop

    Sydney tattoo shop mandala

    Seth has been with Authentink Studio since August 2014, and has made a name for himself as the go-to guy for dot work in Sydney, if not, Australia, with his clients travelling in from all over the city and country to see him!… [read more]

  17. HP Studio Take Over

    Something a little different…

    Hewlett Packard hired Authentink Studio as their launch platform for their new printer! Media and journalists in attendance were also treated to a short history of Traditional Japanese Tattoo and Art Culture by Kian Forreal. Tattoos and printers – keeping the world an interesting place!… [read more]

  18. Japanese Body Painting

    A few weeks ago, Kian was involved in an exciting new project. A local Japanese restaurant wanting to be a little more authentic and risqué has called upon Kian’s services to help with the design of the new fit out. Kian has been consulting with the design team on Japanese design, style, colours and traditional artwork over the last weeks.… [read more]