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  1. Christmas / New Year Trading Hours 2017/2018

    We will mostly be open on all non-Public Holidays over the Christmas / New year break. And we have set aside time especially for walk-ins for all your last minute, spur of the moment, new years resolution tattoos! 🙂

    Saturday, 23rd December 11am – 7pm OPEN

    Sunday, 24th December CLOSED

    Monday, 25th December CLOSED

    Tuesday, 26th December CLOSED

    Wednesday, 27th December 11am – 7pm OPEN 

    Thursday, 28th December 11am – 7pm OPEN

    Friday, 29th December 11am – 7pm OPEN

    Saturday, 30th December 11am – 7pm OPEN

    Sunday, 31st December CLOSED

    Monday, 1st January CLOSED

    Tuesday, 2nd January CLOSED

    Wednesday, 3rd January 11am – 7pm OPEN

    From 3rd January we will be open business as usual Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 7pm for 2018.… [read more]

  2. Monday December 4th WALK IN DAY!

    MONDAY!! Due to popular demand, we will be open for walk-ins tomorrow from 11am. We are pretty solidly booked up until Christmas, so to look after you all for your summer walk-in needs! So, we’re giving you plenty of time to organize, call in sick to your boss tonight, and come in tomorrow and get an awesome tattoo from our incredible guest artist from Texas !… [read more]

  3. Vegan Tattoo Experience at Authentink Tattoo Studio

    Wow, we have had an overwhelming response to our vegan and animal cruelty free tattoo experience at our studio!

    We have had a flood of enquiries for clients asking about vegan tattoos, vegan products, and vegan aftercare. In fact, many vegans were not aware that the tattoo process is not naturally animal products and animal cruelty free.… [read more]

  4. Welcome Will C – guest artist here for summer

    We are excited to welcome Will C from Texas to our studio for the summer. He has arrived in Sydney this morning and is already sitting in the chair about to tattoo, what commitment!

    Tattooing since 2001 after completing a traditional apprenticeship Will has devoted his life to tattooing and living the life of a tattooer.… [read more]

  5. Authentink’s 12 Days of Christmas PRIZE GIVE AWAY

    Inspired by the 12 Days of Christmas, we bring to you, our Authentink Christmas Give Away!!! 🎄🎁
    We have 12 epic prize packs to give away each day from the 1st Dec – 12th Dec, so you have your goodies right in time for Christmas!… [read more]

  6. Tattoo Style vs Tattoo Longevity : how to decide?

    All tattoos fade and blur over time. It is an unfortunate fact of life, and just part of the medium which is putting ink in the skin. The amount of fade and/or blur can be mitigated somewhat by keeping your skin healthy; moisturising often and drinking plenty of water, avoiding or limiting sun exposure, and using sun block or zinc when necessary.… [read more]

  7. New Horisumi Prints for sale – “Hokusai Masks”

    Beautifuly printed on matte 200gsm A2 paper (420cmx594cm). Featuring 9 of the Hokusai masks, popularised in the Noh and Kabuki Theatre of the Edo period.

    Hokusai was a Japanese artist, ukiyo-e painter and print maker from the Japanese Edo period. He is best known for the Internationally iconic print, The Great Wave…

    Individually stamped, and wax sealed with Horisumi’s bonji.… [read more]

  8. Summer is Coming! Protect your tattoo from the UV rays…

    So, you’ve just gotten a new tattoo, right in time to show it off this summer at the beach in your new swimmers! But do you know how to look after that tattoo??

    First things first; when you tattoo is fresh and still healing… A new tattoo has no sunblocking capabilities and will sunburn in as little as 3 minutes in direct sunlight.… [read more]

  9. Guest Artist Line Up – Summer 2017/2018

    Hey! Wow, this summer is shaping up to be an awesome tattoo season for Authentink with an incredible line up of guest artists booked in to come and visit the studio!

    In December we have Jonas the realism master coming back for his 4th guest spot with us… if you’ve been waiting for him..… [read more]

  10. Rites of Passage Tattoo Festival SYDNEY 27-29 OCT

    The crew at Authentink Tattoo Studio are stocked to be attending the Sydney Rites of Passage Tattoo Festival this year! All our full time artists will be tattooing there at some point over the weekend, so make sure you come by and say hi!… [read more]

  11. Wait List Update – Horisumi

    Hi, I just want to provide a quick informational update for clients on my wait list and anyone interested in how long the current wait list is to get tattooed by me and what my tattoo rates are because it has changed over the last couple years.… [read more]

  12. Archie Rose x Horisumi 893 Rare Gin Collaboration

    My latest collaboration with Archie Rose Distillery Co. in Sydney is still in full swing!


    The first three of four Rare Gins in the 893 Horisumi Collection based on the Japanese seasons..
    this is ‘Autumn’, ‘Winter’ and ‘Spring’  they can be found here on the Archie Rose Website

    Unfortunately it looks like they are all sold out at the moment, the ‘Summer’ Release will be available Dec 1..… [read more]

  13. Now offering Vegan and Animal Cruelty Free Tattoos

    We are proud to announce we will now be offering a Vegan and Animal Cruelty Free tattoo service at Authentink Tattoo Studio.

    Whilst most good quality inks are  already cruelty free we ensure that when you request vegan friendly tattooing from us you get certified vegan friendly inks.… [read more]

  14. Back Pieces Completed this week by Horisumi

    This week, Kian Horisumi Forreal completed two of his back pieces. The journey of a back piece is an epic undertaking by both artist and client. There is a great sense of satisfaction and relief for both when that last piece is done, however some clients also feel a sense of loss, as the relationship between client and artist is complete.… [read more]

  15. Introducing Soo Tattoo to the Authentink Family!

    We’ve had an awesome new artist join our crew this month, bringing fresh, new talent in to join the already bustling shop!

    Soo Tattoo comes to us from South Korea. His passion lies in creating authentic and highly complex Traditional Japanese Tattoos, with his preference to do it all freehand directly on to the skin!… [read more]

  16. Meaning of the Tiger



    Originally from china, tigers depict the arrival of Buddhism. The tiger is noted for its strength, courage and perseverance. In Chinese folklore, the tiger and dragon are mortal enemies, stuck in a battle for eternity. As such, they are often pictured together in Chinese art and Japanese tattoos as they represent a personal battle or struggle.… [read more]

  17. We wish Mimi luck…

    After only a short stay with us Mimi has decided on a change of course and is now embarking on a career as a ‘kite artist’ as thats where his new found passion lies…  we wish him the best of luck!  … [read more]


    We have experienced some email issues over the weekend. If you have sent us an email via our contact page and not received a response, please send through your enquiry again using our now ‘fixed’ contact form or directly to us via  shop(at)

    Apologies for the inconvenience!… [read more]

  19. Meaning of the Dragon

    Dragons are an ancient symbol found in mythologies in cultures from all over the world.

    They are said to have the head of a camel, horns of deer, scales of carp, paws of tiger, claws of eagle, eyes of a hare and the ears of a bull.… [read more]

  20. Meaning of the Phoenix

    The phoenix is said to be a pheasant / peacock hybrid. The Japanese or Chinese phoenix bares very little resemblance or meaning to the Western Phoenix.  It features a pheasants neck, a cocks comb, long tail feathers of a peacock, legs of a crane, mouth of a parrot.… [read more]

  21. Sanja Matsuri, 2017 Tokyo, Japan

    Another year, another epic Sanja Matsuri has passed. For Traditional Japanese Tattoo lovers, fans and collectors it is a must-see event as it is the only time that the infamous Japanese Yakuza will have their tattoos on display in public. Showing your tattoos in Japan is not only considered inappropriate, in some parts of Japan it is even considered as a form of intimidation as the link between tattoos and crime is still very strong.… [read more]

  22. Horisumi x Archie Rose Distillery – Limited Series Gin Release WINTER

    Horisumi – Winter is the second release in a series of four rare gins made in collaboration with acclaimed tattoo artist Kian Forreal (Horisumi), each inspired by a different Japanese season.

    For this release, the hand-illustrated label depicts a snow-capped Mount Fuji, inky green pine branches and a hawk keeping watch beneath the glow of a full moon.… [read more]

  23. Winter is here : The BEST time to get tattooed

    Winter tends to be a slow time for tattoo shops, and I have never understood why. It is THE BEST time to get tattooed. Perhaps because we cover our bodies in layers to keep warm, we don’t think about our skin, and naked form, but from a healing perspective, there is no better time to take those clothes off and get in with your favourite tattoo artist!… [read more]

  24. Staff Changes and updates!

    Lots going on in Authentink Tattoo world this past month…

    Enku Shoji has left the building as of April 29, 2017 to go explore other pastures and broaden his horizons, we wish him luck and he will be greatly missed by us all![read more]

  25. New Artists in May! Check em out!


    Two new artists at @authentink_studio this coming month of May!! Very exciting. First we have Jarrad Serafinocoming from Melbourne to do a 2 week guest spot with us on May 9th.. he does super clean Japanese and American traditional both in very classic styles, we can’t wait (hoping he’ll be a regular visitor!)  And Soo Tattoo  is coming from Korea and starting with us permanently on May 26 – awesome Japanese style and he’s ready to take on Australia 🇦🇺  Click on their names to for full portfolios and use our contact form to make a booking or give us a ring![read more]

  26. Tiger Beer Ad – Full Body Painting Ad

    Tiger Beer is one of the most popular beers of South East Asia, and is expanding its market into Europe, the US and Asia Pacific. For their latest ad campaign, they reached out to Kian Horisumi Forreal to develop a concept based on oriental style tattoo art.… [read more]

  27. Hiring Japanese Style Tattoo Artist

    Hey Welcome! 

    We are a very busy tattoo studio with a great clientele and we are located in the heart of Sydney. It’s a great working environment and we have a solid dedicated team. 

    At the moment we are looking for a Japanese style tattoo artist, either traditional Japanese or neo-Japanese..[read more]

  28. Sydney Tattoo Expo March 10-12 2017 – Come see us there!

    Its the Sydney Tattoo Expo this weekend and we are there in full force from Friday to Sunday at the International Convention Centre in Darling harbour. The studio will remain open for the weekend as well with our artists rotating between the shop and the expo.… [read more]

  29. Horisumi x Archie Rose Distillery – Limited Series Gin Release AUTUMN

    Hey.. so I’ve had a project in the works for months and months now.. and today is the day I can finally go public with it..finally.


    I am proud to announce a collaboration between myself and Archie Rose Distilling Co. @archierosesyd bringing you a series of limited release bespoke gins based on the Japanese seasons and flavoured with unique and delicious botanicals..… [read more]

  30. Closed for Australia Day January 26th


    Like every year we are closed for Australia Day so that our artists and staff can enjoy family time and the great outdoors and celebrate this great country we all live in!

    So we won’t be answering the phones, the door or emails on Thursday January 26th.… [read more]

  31. Caring for your tattoo in the summer sun!

    People love getting tattooed in summer. Maybe its because people are high on holiday spirit, or they’ve been inspired by hanging out at the beach seeing beautiful half naked bodies sporting their tattoos. Or perhaps people have made new years resolution to get that tattoo they’ve always dreamed of.… [read more]

  32. Happy New year 2017!!


    Authentink Studio Crew wants to wish a very Happy New Year to all our old and new loyal clients for the coming year 2017! All the best from us and the best of luck to you all! Cheers![read more]

  33. Seeking Interns for Authentink Studio

    Kian ‘Horisumi’ Forreal is now accepting applications for a shop intern with a pathway to being Horisumi’s personal Deshi at Authentink Studio in Sydney after a probationary period for the right candidate.

    You must be honest, punctucal, dependable and fluent in English reading and writing.… [read more]

  34. Christmas / New Year Trading Hours 2016

    Another year is drawing to a close, and we’re all starting to day dream about days off by the beach with a cold beer in hand. As everyone eyes off all the other semi-naked people at the beach, they think, hey I want to get a tattoo!… [read more]

  35. Tattoo Motifs Part 5 : Pets

    Some people like animals more than humans, its just a fact. And so it therefore seems totally acceptable to get a tattoo of your fury little companion, forever on your body. I mean, people get portraits of their (human) loved ones, why not a pet?!… [read more]

  36. Tattoo Motifs Part 4 : ROSE

    The rose tattoo has been around for practically as long as tattooing itself, with the motif being synonymous with old traditional American old school sailor tattoos. However, over time the rose motif has been re-worked into several different styles, which now allows the owner to truly have a unique tattoo of something considered a fairly common motif.… [read more]

  37. Gus Honey joins the Authentink Team

    We are super excited to announce the addition of a new artist to our permanent/full time artist line up!


    Gus Honey will join our team from Wednesday 14th December to fill the big Black & Grey realism “shoes” Jonas has left empty since returning to Denmark.… [read more]

  38. Kian Horisumi Forreal and Gifu Horihide

    Earlier this year, Kian travelled to Japan to indulge in a rare opportunity to observe one of the true tattoo masters of Japanese tattoo hard at work in his private studio. Gifu Horihide is famous globally, and has had a huge impact on tattoo art and culture as we know it today, and not just in Japan.… [read more]

  39. Tattoo Motifs Part 3 : KOI FISH

    koi fish kian forreal

    Photo taken by Kian Horisumi Forreal at Nikko Temple in Japan


    The koi fish arrived from China in Japan in the early 1600’s as prized pets of the rich aristocrats. Considered ‘living flowers’ bred for the unusual shapes and color.… [read more]

  40. Tattoo Motifs Part 2 : THUNDER DRUMS

    Raijin is the god of lightning, thunder and storms in Japanese mythology and is a common motif in Japanese art and tattoo culture. His name is derived from the Japanese words rai, meaning thunder and shin, meaning god. He is typically depicted as a demon looking spirit, beating drums to create thunder, usually with the tomoe symbol drawn on the drums.… [read more]

  41. Tattoo Motifs Part 1 : PEONY

    The Peony is considered the best of flowers and is known as the King of flowers in Japan. In short it means elegance and wealth. With it’s large and spreading petals, which are delicately curled at the edges, the peony has been called “the rose without thorns”.[read more]

  42. Gift Vouchers for Xmas are ready!

    Give the gift that lasts a lifetime… a great tattoo from Authentink Studio!  Gift Vouchers are available in any amount and we can post them to you or you can pick them up in person. We accept PayPal & bank transfer for mail order vouchers and ‘cash only’ in the studio, we do not have credit card facilities or eftpos machines!  … [read more]

  43. New Guest Artist – Inma!

    We proudly welcome our friend, colleague and an amazing artist Inma to the Authentink Team once again.. she has worked with us before and she loved it so much she came back to stay for a while…

    Small sample of her work below…

    You can view Inma’s full profile and portfolio here![read more]

  44. Authentink Hiring Artists!

    Our resident realism master is heading back home to Denmark as his tenure here in Australia has come to an end… and so we need to fill the very big space he is leaving behind. Check out the link.. tag a friend..… [read more]

  45. Art After Hours with Yumi Stynes

    The Art Gallery of NSW hosts an “Art After Hours” talk most Wednesday evenings in the lobby at the gallery in Sydney, covering a number of different topics. In conjunction with the Perseverance Exhibition at the Japan Foundation, and also with the Yoshitoshi : One Hundred Aspects of the Moon exhibition on the at the Art Gallery of NSW, Kian Horisumi Forreal was invited to come in to have a chat with the fabulous Yumi Stynes in a program called Japanese Tattoos ; Ukiyo-e for the Body.… [read more]

  46. Authentink Seeking interns…


    Kian ‘Horisumi’ Forreal is now accepting applications for a shop intern with a pathway to being Horisumi’s personal Deshi at Authentink Studio in Sydney after a probationary period for the right candidate. Read more here…[read more]

  47. Kian on Japanese tv!

    Japanese tv… known for crazy shows like Takeshi’s Castle, AKBingo and Iron Chef. And now…. Kian Forreal!

    Kian was interviewed by Japanese news channel TBS News on his involvement with the Japan Foundation and the opening of the Perseverance exhibition in Sydney.… [read more]

  48. Latest media coverage…

    We have had some fantastic media coverage this week from publications all over Australia, such as The Sydney Morning Herald, Daily Telegraph, Inner West Courier and The Age, just to name a few!


    Kian Media Authentink tattoo

    It has felt like the studio has always had a journalist or photographer loitering around everyday this week!… [read more]

  49. Perserverance Exhibition Opening at the Japan Foundation, Sydney


    Perseverance Kian Forreal tattoo

    Last night was the official opening of the Perseverance Exhibition in Sydney, hosted by the Japan Foundation in conjunction with the Art Gallery of NSW. This is the first time the photographic exhibition has left its home country of the United States at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles. … [read more]

  50. Authentink 3rd Anniversary Party – PART TWO

    We were lucky to partner with some amazing people to make our anniversary party that little bit more special…. Here’s a shout out to them all…


    Official sponsors, and just generally all round nice guys, Archie Rose Distillers came with crates of booze to keep our guests happy and hydrated, serving their signature cocktails all night long!… [read more]

  51. Authentink 3rd Anniversary Party! PART ONE

    Authentink 3rd anniversary party

    Three years sounds like a short amount of time, but when we look back at what we have built, it seems like a lifetime. Kian Forreal’s Authentink Tattoo Studio has 7 full time artists, with regular local, interstate and overseas guest artists coming all the time.… [read more]

  52. Some funny times with


    In the never-ending, often exhausting quest for hot spicy content to bring to you, our lovely, eternally thirsty readers, some PEDESTRIAN.TV writers would most likely draw the line at, say, imprinting their bodies with ink for the rest of their lives, just for a story.… [read more]

  53. Jonas is BACK!

    Jonas Bodker Authentink

    We are so happy to have Jonas back at Authentink, our honorary Danish tattoo family member! Jonas brings his black and grey realism mastery to our studio, with a long list of clients waiting for their consult time with him. He wows us with his mad tattoo skill, and adds another level of class to our studio.… [read more]

  54. The ancient and beautiful art of traditional Japanese tattoos

    Authentink SBS

    In conjunction with the Perseverance Exhibition coming to town, brought in by the Japanese Foundation and the Art Gallery of NSW, Kian Horisumi Forreal was approached by SBS to give his insight into the mysterious would of traditional Japanese tattoos.  The full article can be found here…

    “Japanese tattoo has got a rich cultural history – it’s powerful, it’s strong, it’s classic and timeless,” Horisumi tells SBS.… [read more]

  55. Inked Australia/NZ Issue #41

    The new issue of Inked Magazine is out in the news stands! Go grab yourself a copy! Kian’s column this takes a break from Japanese tattoo history lessons, and instead delves into the complexities of the NSW tattoo licensing laws. Definitely worth a read!… [read more]

  56. Jess Martucci back on the road…


    It is with sadness we say goodbye to Jess Martucci after a year of working with us at Authentink Studio! He became part of the tattoo family and a good friend to many of us..  Alas the road calls to him and he has set out on another journey around the globe tattooing his way through Asia and then on to Europe later in the year.… [read more]

  57. Perseverance: Japanese Tattoo Tradition in a Modern World

    horisumi art gallery of new


    See the artistry of traditional Japanese tattoo up close and personal in this stunning photographic exhibition, direct from the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles. 

    Perseverance features the work of seven internationally acclaimed tattoo artists—Ryudaibori (formerly Horitaka), Horitomo, Horishiki, Miyazo, Shige, Junii and Yokohama Horiken—along with tattoo works by selected others.… [read more]

  58. Inked Artists Vol.9 featuring Authentink!

    Inked Artists Volume #9 is out now, and features all of Authentink Tattoo Studio’s artists!!!

    Authentink Inked Magazine


    See below for a taster, but you’ll need to go out and buy a copy of the magazine to see the details, and some the artists have 4 -6 page spreads!… [read more]

  59. We Are Hiring!


    We have an opportunity for an immediate start for the right guest artist with possibility to stay on longer on full time. We are seeking motivated, dedicated and talented artists that want to be busy and make a name for themselves in Sydney whilst working with learning from some of the best.… [read more]

  60. Oh yes, It’s Ladies Night..

    On Thursday, 28th July, Authentink held its first ever Ladies Night! An evening hosted purely for the ladies, with sparkling wine, cheese and antipasto plates, and sweet treats alongside awesome tattoos! We couldn’t have anticipated the amazing response and attendance on the night, with over 120 people coming through the doors and over 50 tattoos done on the night, with many more booking in to come in another day so they don’t miss out!… [read more]

  61. Horisumi’s Lecture at the Art Gallery of NSW

    On Saturday, 23rd July Horisumi was invited to the Art Gallery of NSW to present a lecture on the Art and Culture on Japanese Tattooing.

    Horisumi art gallery

    “Follow my talk as we explore the links between old world Japans’ ‘Floating World pleasure disctricts’, Kabuki theater, ukiyo-e woodblock prints, their master artists and how it all ties in together to give birth to a style of tattooing known the world over as Traditional Japanese Tattoo.[read more]

  62. Ladies Night July 28th!!

    ladies night

    July 28th at 7:30pm!

    Our first ever Ladies Night at @authentink_studio ! We are super excited to announce this and put on this event! Sparkling wine, nibbles and chilled beats to create a glamorous atmosphere while we do walk-ins for the ladies and gents of Sydney.… [read more]

  63. Horisumi – Kian Forreal at the Art Gallery of NSW

    Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 11.19.38 AM

    Horisumi will be doing a 2 hour lecture on July 23rd, 2016 from 2-4pm at the prestigious Art Gallery of NSW on the history and culture of Japanese Tattooing. Very exciting! You can book tickets online to attend on the link below… as seats are limited you should jump at the chance if interested because we think it might be quite popular!… [read more]

  64. HCF ~ new TV ad for tattoos!

    People get tattooed for many different reasons. Memorial tattoos, traditional tattoos, decorative tattoos, Japanese tattoos, American tattoos, geometric tattoos, cover-up tattoos, spur of the moment impulse tattoos.

    But its certainly a sign the times are changing when a mainstream private health insurance company is covering the cost of tattooing over a mastectomy scar!… [read more]

  65. Kian & Sake Restaurant in Melbourne


    After the success of the Sydney Sake restaurant interior design project with Kian Forreal, he has been asked to extend the designs into the newly renovated Melbourne Sake restaurant on the renowned Flinders Lane.

    As with the last project, Kian was brought in to do traditional japanese tattoo style body painting on the models.… [read more]



    culture_kings_logoIn 2016, legendary streetwear store Culture Kings approached Kian Forreal to participate in an apparel collaboration with Rats Get Fat.

    The “Rats Get Fat” brand represents a collection of hardworking individuals drunk on good times, refusing to fall in-line and conform.… [read more]

  67. A short history of tattoos…

    Sometimes it feels like tattoos are everywhere. It feels like everyone has a tattoo, both genders, all ages, all walks of life. It seems to have just sprouted up recently as it now widely accepted in mainstream circles in Western culture.… [read more]

  68. Kian Horisumi Forreal & award winning Sake Restaurant!

    Kian Forreal Sake Restaurant


    Earlier in the year, Kian Forreal undertook a unique side project to his normal tattooing and business owner duties. An interior design firm approached Kian for his expertise and assistance in creating a new and authentic design to update and invigorate their award winning restaurant in The Rocks.… [read more]

  69. Choosing the flowers for your Japanese Tattoo


    Choosing the floral component to go with your Japanese tattoo can be quite hard when you educate yourself on the meaning and symbology behind each motif. There are some basic pairings that go together, they just work. Like tiger and bamboo.… [read more]

  70. Getting to know Lance St. Vincent…

    Lance St Vincent is the newest member of the Authentink team. He uprooted his life on the NSW South Coast to move to Sydney when he was offered the opportunity to join Kian as his crew. He still travels back every weekend to see his girlfriend, family and cat.… [read more]

  71. Jess Martucci – Back in the shop!

    Oui Oui! Jess is back in action! His tattoo license has been approved and he’ll be back on the tools making awesome tattoos! Email or call the shop to book in a consult or drop in for walk ins all week too!… [read more]

  72. Inked AU Magazine, issue #39

    Inked Magazine Kian Forreal

    Grab your copy of Inked AU Magazine to read Kian’s latest article. For a bit of a change of pace, Kian will be using this and the next few issues to highlight some tattoo history, focusing on the origins in Japan and its impact on the west, and western tattooing!… [read more]