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Distance Bookings

Information for International or out of state clients

In order to book an appointment from overseas or from out of state without a consult please send a ‘request a consult’ email from the contact form with all the the required information plus include these extras in your email:

-placement (eg. chest, forearm, calf etc)
-size (roughly in centimetres)
-any extra details (colour or black and grey, changes to be made to the design)

Dates you will be in Australia
Dates you prefer to be tattooed
Preferred artist (if applicable)

We can then get back to you with a request for you to send images and reference material as our form does not allow attachments. Once we have all the info and the images we can then send you some possible dates and times for the appointment along with a quote. If you want to make the tattoo appointment and lock it in, you will have to send us a deposit. For bookings with a long lead time this can be done through an international bank transfer or within Australia a simply EFT. For last minute appointments, we can accept immediate Paypal payments. Please note,  all extra fees and charges that may apply to either method of payment will be covered by yourself. Deposits are not refundable under any circumstances. Some conditions also apply to your deposit – all terms and conditions will be provided when the booking is finalised. The deposit amount comes off the final price of the tattoo, there is no charge for the drawing or any hidden bookings fees.

You will only see the final drawing on the day of the tattoo appointment with this type of booking so please be sure, if you want something customised, please be very clear and specific about what you want!

we look forward to hearing from you!