Greetings, just a little public service announcement about my current wait times, hourly rates, availability and everything else relating to my personal tattoo work.

 Firstly, yes I am still doing machine work upon request 🙂 but am focusing more on my tebori work and trying to transition mostly to that over the next year, but feel free to ask for machine color and shade if thats what you are seeking otherwise hand poke all the way!

 My wait times for large work at the moment is around 6-10 months for a consult, it fluctuates depending on how many clients I have on the go and how big their projects are but the above is my current estimate. I appreciate your patience for waiting and if you’re keen to get something done sooner rather than waiting I can highly recommend one of the guys that works with, just email me about your project and we’ll see what works best for you.

 My hourly rate is now fixed at $250 AUD across the board, as it has been for the last 8 years, it went up for a minute but since embarking on my tebori journey I have chosen to take it back down to what it was and leave it there. Thanks for understanding.

I will be attending London Tattoo Convention this year at Tobacco Docks alongside my tattoo brother Horikashi – so if you’re there then come say hi to us on the tebori floor. I am 90% booked out.. with some little gaps I am leaving for walk ups. I think Horikashi still has a little bit of time available, feel free to contact me for his bookings in English.

Thats all for now… if I forgot anything I will do a follow up post! Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!