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Mission Statement:

to facilitate the creation of the highest quality tattoos using the latest modern and traditional techniques and equipment in a safe, clean and inspiring environment that our clients will wear with pride for many years to come.


1) to create classic traditional Japanese tattoos that not only stand the test of time in terms of quality and longevity on a physical plane via using handmade inks, the highest quality needles and the best equipment available, but also on their artistic merit by being true to the Traditional Japanese style and form that rose out of the Meiji Period of Edo Japan.

2) to provide a safe, clean and  inspiring environment for tattoo artists of any artistic discipline to create beautiful quality tattoos that make the artist and client proud of their achievement and clients confident that they acquired the best tattoo that they could.

In doing so my aim is give the wearer of these quality tattoos that I or another Authent/Ink artist creates a source of personal power, feeling of accomplishment and everlasting pride that will accompany them their entire lives and into the grave, all while practicing the safest methods of cross-contamination protection and adhering to the  highest standards of cleanliness.



 Honesty & Integrity

Quality & Service

Patience & Discipline


If for whatever reason you feel that I or another artist in my employ is not living up to these standards I urge you to bring it to my attention and discuss it with me immediately. I stand behind every tattoo that comes out of my studio.


Kian ‘Horisumi’ Forreal