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Walk-ins & Bookings

Yes! We do walk-in tattoos 5 days a week when time permits. We are open Tuesday to Saturday from 11am until 7pm and have up to 8 artists working every day so if we can’t get you in right there and then the wait shouldn’t be too long for your tattoo, either the same day or soon after.

What to expect when you come in:

We are a very busy studio, we do all types of tattooing, custom and pre-drawn designs. If you come in for a walk-in and we are free we can usually get you in right then and there, if however we are a booked up for a couple hours but have space later in the day then we can book you in for our next available time opening. Keep in mind this isn’t LA Ink and our artists are always drawing or working.. if your design needs some time to prepare or your preferred artist is working on another client please be patient with us and we’ll do our best to take care of you as soon as we can.

We can normally do small to medium tattoos on the spot and if time permits we can draw some larger stuff and tattoo same day. Sleeves and larger multiple sitting tattoos etc will first need a consultation and then a booking for another day will need to be made so the artist has time to draw the design. If you walk in and we have an available time an artist will consult with you and work out your next large tattoo!

It is recommended to ring the shop or email us to pre-arrange consults so you don’t have to take any chances!

If you’d like to walk in and just get a small tattoo you can ring the shop on 8399-1973 before you come to see if we have time or you can just drop in, have a look around at the portfolios and go from there, our friendly staff will help you with the entire process.

For directions and the address please click on the contact link and you’ll find a map to the studio with the full address. Any troubles locating the studio please give us a call for help!

See you soon!