Bonzai - Authent/Ink

Apprentice Tattoo Artist


Experience: 2020

Apprentice to Horisumi

Being raised by a painter, Bonzai quickly picked up an interest in art at an early age.

In 2018, Bonzai began his study as a student nurse at Western Sydney University. Pursuing his medical curiosity whilst developing great bedside manner and awakening an interest in wound care.

Although he found fulfilment in nursing, the urge to create art was growing stronger. In the meantime, he started getting tattooed which opened his eyes to another career path. Wanting to combine his passion for art with his nursing background, Bonzai started looking for a tattoo apprenticeship.

Bonzai quickly fell in love with tattoo art and culture, and wanted to be a part of it. In the midst of looking for an apprenticeship, Bonzai attended Sydney’s Rites of Passage in 2019- where he saw Horisumi speak about traditional Japanese tattoos. This cemented his passion for Japanese tattoos as he realised that the motifs were derivative to his upbringing as a Buddhist. The next day, he wrote a letter to Horisumi explaining why he wanted to apprentice under him.

Bonzai is now in his second year of Β his tattooing career under the guidance of Horisumi, with the goal of continuing his legacy and passing on his philosophies and ethics of tattooing. He enjoys tattooing anything Traditional Japanese, fine line or fun as well as small one-shot tattoos. Bonzai believes that tattoos hold not only a significant meaning to their wearer β€” but a cultural significance in documenting present day ideas and attitudes.

Bonzai is still in the learning and practicing phase of his tattoo career so his prices reflect this being substantially less than our established professionals, that said all our tattoos are guaranteed for touch ups and client satisfaction.

To book a free 30 minute consultation with Bonzai just fill out the contact form requesting him or ring us on 8399 1973!

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