Den Den - Authent/Ink

Guest Artist

Den Den

Experience: Since 2004

Den Den will guest with us soon and will be doing regular visits if things go well!

He’s been tattooing since 2004  and loves tattooing in all styles  but his passion lies in single needle fine line work creating delicate and intricate designs.

Den Den has a degree in visual arts and a diploma in graphic design from the university of South Australia. He did his apprenticeship in the Philippines and later moved to Michigan and worked at a street shop in Lansing and then moved back to Melbourne. He studied sculpture in University and learned how the body is a moving canvass. After living in Japan for 3 months for his arts residency he fell In love with their culture, art and approach to life and takes his inspiration from everyday life, from the mediocre to the mundane.

If you would like to book in for a free 30 minute consult with Den Den, please use the booking form HERE or call the shop on +61 2 8399 1973

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