Luke D - Authent/Ink

Full-Time Artist

Luke D

Experience: 2012

Luke specialises in black & grey hyper realism, colour realism, abstract black & grey and portraiture. His skills lie in creating high contrast pieces, with soft gradient shading making his tattoos appear lifelike on the skin.

In his own words…

“I began my tattoo career at the infamous Sleeve Masters in Kings Cross and it was certainly an eye opening experience. With that said, with a hard work ethic and determination I was able to learn from the skilled artists there, watch and apply myself accordingly.

I have always studied the work of other artists, picking up new tips and skills along the way, it wasn’t long before my attention turned to the realistic form of tattoo art.

My influences started off with guys likes Grimes, Nikko, Carlos Torres, Brett Stewart, Bob Tyrell, and Mike Devries just to name a few. And I am always drawing inspiration from literally hundreds of influences in the artistic form, from photographers , painters, sculptors and everything in between to ensure I am referencing all types of art to bring my work to next level one piece at a time. 

I love tattooing black and grey realism and sometimes the odd colour piece. I love a challenge and always work as hard as possible to refine every aspect of every detail in my tattoos. We are always learning as artists, as humans, and I still love to learn this art, and I will forever be a student to this great art form. I organise and set up every tattoo with the same amount of precision and planning whether it’s a sleeve or single rose.

I love tattooing and can’t wait for what the future holds with the crew at Authentink Tattoo Studio.”

If you would like to book in for a free 30 minute consult with Luke, please use the booking form here or call the shop on +61 2 8399 1973

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