Seth Arcane - Authent/Ink

Full-time Artist

Seth Arcane

Experience: Since 2000

Seth specialises in dot work tattoos, geometric tattoo, and fine precise linework with an emphasis on pattern work.

Seth started tattooing in South Africa in 1998. Wanting to explore the world of tattooing, he began to travel, ending up at Flamin’ Eight Tattoo in London where he worked for 7 years, honing his craft. From there, Seth became a regular visitor at Inner Vision Tattoo in Sydney, but spent years as a vagabond, doing guest spots all over the world. He has previously worked at True Tattoo in Los Angeles, Avalon II in San Diego, Saints and Sinners in Dallas, Electric Ladyland in New Orleans, Metal Machine in Cape Town, and is a regular guest at Royal Tattoo in Helsingor, Denmark.

Originally drawn to bright colour work and working in a neo-traditional style, Seth was profoundly influenced by the American traditional tattooing he saw all through the States. He still occasionally takes on pieces that reflect his unique traditional style. Now primarily interested in blackwork, he is heavily influenced by the traditional tattooing of the South Pacific islands. Seth soon began working with dotwork, and his impeccable linework and attention to detail made him naturally suited to rendering the precise geometric designs found in this style.

Seth is currently fully booked until late 2020, and at this time is only taking serious enquiries for large scale, abstract projects on fresh skin, that incorporate geometric and / or dotwork elements, pattern work and / or black work. Seth loves to work with a high level of artistic freedom. His passion is to create unique and custom pieces that stem from his high level of experience in this style.

If you would like to join his waiting list for a free consult, please email us via the contact page here and attach any relevant reference imagery you have and we will be in touch with more info. Thank you for your interest!

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