Horikashi Guest Artist from Japan - Authent/Ink

Tattooing for 19 years  – Working Sydney Tattoo Expo March 9-11 2018 and Authentink studio March 12-16

Nestled in a mountainous region in central Japan is a small town called Gifu, that is home to Horikashi’s private studio. Horikashi is a tebori master; the ancient art of Japanese tattooing by hand. After doing a 13 year apprenticeship under a Japanese tattoo master and family, learning the ways of tebori and also making the tattoo hand tools from scratch, Horikashi has owned his own studio for 6 years where he tattoos and paints full time. Known for his large scale traditional Japanese body suits, and also for his incredible painting and art skills, he is bringing his talents to Sydney, Australia for the first time.

Horikashi will be joining the Authentink crew at the Sydney Tattoo Expo, at the ICC Darling Harbour on 9-11 March and he will have a range of one point designs ready to go, or you can consult with him about something custom.

This is a once in a lifetime to get a piece of tradition and history tattooed on your body by a living Japanese tattoo legend! If you miss out, you’ll have to trek off to Gifu Japan one day!!

Check out his tattoo and art portfolio below. Horikashi is also bringing a few pieces of his art to sell. These are A1 in size, all hand done and one of a kind. Be quick if you’d like to  secure yourself one of these!