Interview with Yayoi Takita - Authentink's Resident Manga / Anime specialist - Authent/Ink

Yayoi has loved drawing and reading manga and comics since she was a little girl and is heavily inspired by this style of artwork. I wanted to get more of an insight from her as to why and how she became a specialist in this style of tattooing, which at times can seem very niche, but also wildly popular at the same time!

An interview with Yayoi : anime / manga tattoo specialist…

QUESTION : What are your favourite genres of anime and manga? Do you have a specific favourite show/character?

YAYOI : I am mostly drawn to the horror / dark fantasy / mystery style of anime and manga such as Tokyo Ghoul, Ameya no Tsubaki and The Promised Neverland. I can re-read and re-watch these books and shows over and over again, I just don’t get bored of them!


Q : When reading and/or tattooing do you prefer Shonen, Shoujo or Seinen?and why?

Yayoi : Seinen is by far my favourite anime genre! I just love the mix of grotesque and erotic styles coming together.

Q : Have you ever wanted to become a Mangaka (Manga Artist)?

Yayoi : Yes of course. This is a dream for any little girl in Japan growing up with a love of manga. One of my favourite things to do when I’m not tattooing is creating my own flash designs. I create different characters and scenarios that all come alive in my head as a I draw. I love to tattoo my original manga style designs on my clients!


Q : What lead you into doing Manga panel and anime style tattoos?

Yayoi : I just love manga tattoos. There’s no other way to explain it. I always knew I wanted to be a tattoo artist, and wanted to immortalise the designs I love and share it with people who love what I love. I think all tattoo specialists are the same, when your designs comes from a deep and devoted passion, it is more always creative and more artistic, and more honest.

My preference is to do Static Scenes, as opposed to copying manga panels or characters on their own. I think this gives me a little more freedom to express a story, to express relationships between characters and there’s a bit more story telling. It’s more adjustable when making my own designs too. But, I love it all, and I’m happy to do it all! Variety is key!


Q : What has been your favourite anime/manga tattoo to do, Are there any tattoos you are wanting to do in the future? And why?

YayoiMy favourite style of manga or anime tattoos is where I get to change the characters in a scene, to be my own drawings style, or when I keep the original famous characters and change it in to my own concept. An example of this is my Tomie in Boba piece I did for a client. Combining a famous and beloved character, into a pop culture icon drink together! 





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