Min re-makes Popeye Tattoo for Andrew in memory of his dad! - Authent/Ink

Tattoos are a great way to memorialise a loved one! It can be as straight forward as getting a  flourished custom scripted name, or their birth date in Roman Numerals tattooed on you. Or you could even go so far as to get their portrait tattooed on you, huge right across the front of your chest so you think of them every time you look in the mirror!

But Andrew came to us with a very special and unique request, to re-create an old Popeye tattoo that his father had done decades ago.

With tattoo machine technology and advances in the composition and materials used in tattoo inks these days, a well applied tattoo should stand the test of time, and long gone are the days of faded and blurred out tattoos that generations before us have lived with.  But many of us grew up in awe of our parents or grandparents tattoos, despite their faded, contorted and green-like look. They were just really cool.

Min specialises in custom patch work / embroidered stitch style tattoos, but he put those skills to a different kind of test, and re-created this Popeye tattoo and truly brought it in to the 21st century. Check out these results below!

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