Welcome back Horivida! - Authent/Ink

With Australian international borders finally reopened, we are excited to welcome back one of our favourite guest artists! Horivida, aka Clooney, also goes by Ian, is a long time VIP guest artist at Authentink Tattoo Studio. He has been traveling to Australia for years and has a local, loyal clientele, specialising in Neo-Traditional and Japanese styles. He is a highly proficient artist and can bring your ideas to life infront of you during your one on one consult. He has been tattooing for over 25 years, around the globe, so as you can imagine there is no request he has no seen, and thrives on a challenge!

Check out his portfolio here!

He is with Authentink for an extended guest spot, and is keen to take on big and small projects alike! Contact the studio to book in for a free consult, or take your chances for a walk-in Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 7pm. First come, best dressed!

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