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How to make a booking with us

Small, simple tattoos can usually be done as walk-ins and depending on availability they can be done the same day! See link for Walk-ins.

If you want to book an appointment for a tattoo and have something already drawn up that’s ready or nearly ready to be tattooed then simply come in to the studio so we can talk to you about your design, figure out the size and placement, and then book the tattoo appointment for you, you’ll receive an exact quoted price when you book in for small tattoos, larger ones are charged by the hour and each artist has a different rate based on their experience and styles, all this will be outlined and made clear when you come see us 🙂

Our friendly crew that answer the phones, replies to your emails and makes your bookings are always here and happy to help!


All tattoo appointments need to be secured with a cash deposit, the amount depends on the size and the time required for your booking. This is not refundable for any reason and as we set aside this time for you and your booking, so please be sure when you book in. The deposit amount comes off the final price of the tattoo so don’t worry!

If you have an idea that needs to be drawn up, then the best thing to do is book a consultation with the right artist for your style of tattoo. Firstly, check out the work of the artists under the “Artists” section, and see who’s work most resembles the style you’re looking for. You can then use the “Request a Consult” form on the right to arrange a time to come and meet them. Consultations are a free-of-charge half hour  commitment-free planning appointment to figure out all the details of the design and whether you want to go ahead and get tattooed, there is no obligation or hard sell, we love to meet and talk tattoos with the public. If you decide you want to book in for a tattoo appointment with your artists of choice you will have to leave a cash deposit to secure the booking and have the artist draw your design for you. We never charge for custom drawings, it’s all included in the final price of the tattoo, no hidden costs.

Drawings are prepared and completed for the day of the tattoo appointment by the artist usually the night before. They all have pretty demanding drawing and working schedules so unless pre-arranged drawings are not usually shown until the day of the starting appointment. If you specifically discuss with your artist to see the drawing before the appointment day you can book a second viewing consultation to see it at no hassle at all, not all of our artists offer this service mind you. It is the normal policy of the shop that artists don’t email their tattoo designs from the studio to clients, it’s much easier to discuss changes, if necessary, in person during a second consult or the day of the tattoo, small changes are easy done. It is important to be clear and sure about what you want to get tattooed before leaving a deposit because if you happen to change your mind and an entirely new drawing has to be done because your artist has already started drawing your original idea you may lose your deposit and we certainly don’t want that. We are happy to consult with you as long as it takes and over multiple visits and work on your design together until we find exactly what you are looking for, sometimes a second or even third consult is necessary to finalise the design and this is all good and consults are always free of charge, as are drawings.

For directions and the address please click on the contact link and you’ll find a map to the studio with the full address. Any troubles locating the studio please give us a call for help!

See you soon!