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When we look back on the week, its amazing what has been achieved by the team here at Authentink! After long hours of ink, blood, sweat and sometimes tears, client after client walk out of this studio with massive grins on their faces. And that’s what makes it all worth it! Check out some of the pieces completed and on the go at the moment….


Kian Forreal Authentink


Β Kian “Horisumi” Forreal – Japanese master! Kian specialises in large scale Japanese tattooing. His clients are strong, determined and tough, sitting through 3-6 hour sessions, sometimes back to back. Recently finished, a shi shi leg sleeve and warrior full sleeve and chest plate. And one we’re all patiently waiting to see finished, Chris’s epic fudo myo back piece. So close on this one!



Β ___________


Ian (George Clooney) – our intermittent, honorary Australian guest artist, pumping out some awesome tattoos during his short stay with us, doing what he does best, tigers and skulls!!!

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Ian Tiger Authentink


That’s all for now, you can contact any of our artists directly through the artists page, and read more about each of them!

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