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Client Reviews

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and great tattooing that is true to the client and the art! All reviews are genuine and unsolicited.

  • Hannah Louise

    I could not be more glad that I went to Authentink for my first tattoo - I completely recommend any other first-timers, and everyone else for that matter! I had a general idea about what I wanted, but the guys and girls are so creative and talented that they guided me through the creation, made suggestions which I loved and incorporated in to the design, but still made sure they left me in complete control of what we ended up with - and I couldn't be more in love with it! It was painfully obvious how nervous I was, but my artist started chatting away to my sister and me, which distracted me completely - with out that I probably would have bottled it and ran...thank you guys! Will was my tattoo artist - this guy is a superstar with some great stories to tell! He was brilliant at making me feel relaxed and explaining the process to me so I knew exactly what was going on. My tattoo means so much to me and I can't thank him enough for how perfectly it turned out...I've not stopped getting compliments! Moral of the story - go to Authentink, you won't be disappointed :)

  • Boris Mihailovic

    I have just had the pleasure of being tattooed at Authentink Tattoo, who inked a difficult Serbian coat of arms in an awkward spot on my forearm. The entire process, from initial consultation to final ink, was the epitome of professionalism. my artist was on time, and on his A-game, and at every juncture ensured I was satisfied with the work. I am hugely pleased with the result and have no hesitation in recommending the studio to everyone. Superb

  • Michael Liao

    I just got my first tattoo done today at Authentink, he is really friendly and professional, constantly asking me if I am ok. The staff helped me a lot with my questions and replied my email really quickly, needless to say, they are super friendly and lovely to speak to as well. Everyone in the shop is super friendly, and ontime, it does make my first tattoo unforgettable, my wife loved the finishing tattoo as well! I am truely satisfied! For sure I will be getting all my other tattoo done there in the future!

  • Naras Lapsys

    Thank you Kian and your loyal crew for a sincerely memorable experience. What a great studio! Having come for a traditional Japanese tattoo I really appreciated the wall of body suits, the tengo mask and ryokan atmosphere you have created. Thank you to the shop staff for a flawless booking process and tattoo aftercare. I felt well taken care of from start to finish. As for my tattoo, what can I say, it is priceless, it is a work of art. Authentink is unique and we are fortunate to have such a place in Australia. Thank you.

  • Peter Koulinos

    From my first interaction with the group at Authentink I knew that I was in for a pretty special experience. My artist took my thoughts and concepts and was able in a short consultation to bring them to life and really show me how he envisioned my plan. He made sure that I could see what he was seeing and that I was comfortable with the plan. He was also honest about how long he would need, to give me the absolute best tattoo he could. Once we got started, he knocked it out of the park giving me an absolutely incredible piece of work that has everyone double-taking. Having already got a few tattoos from various shops, and using those experiences as a guide, I packed my headphones in order to keep myself busy for the 6 hours of tattooing on day 1. As it turned out, they were completely unnecessary. The vibe in the shop is extremely laid back, and all artists make you feel part of the discussion, and bring you in on the laughs, this makes the experience so much better and the time pass in a much more pleasant fashion. I can't speak highly enough of both the quality of tattoo from my artist, and every other tattoo I saw leave the shop during my three days there. Will definitely be back for more, and the only reason I have given 5 stars is because 10 isn't an option.

  • Alfred Lam

    Could not be happier with Kian/Horisumi and the staff at Authentink. Completed my traditional full sleeve dragon with koi (first tattoo). Trust is a hard thing to give to a stranger especially when it’s permanent and such a large work but all my doubts were answered each and every session with the results of the needle. Kian is a leader in the world or Japanese tattooing. Proud to wear this ink for the rest of my life.

  • Andy Alco Hall

    Soo, you rock! The initial consult, email exchanges, booking of appointment and finally my first full day session for my sleeve - the experience was excellent. The result even BETTER! I was treated respectfully as a customer and I was very comfortable throughout my session. Looking forward to my next full day session in March! Thanks Authentink!

  • Drew Seaton

    From walking into the environment, Completely professional, friendly and comforting. Have had all my pieces done there Nothing but professional, complete trust in his talent to design and illustrate each and every piece. Always left with people asking where and whom do my art, would and do recommend.

  • Kahee Lee

    Look no further you have found one of the best parlors in Sydney. I have had 2 flowers done there. They work efficiently and make sure you're okay along the way. My artist and his linework is very admirable and they alway delivers exactly what I want. you can’t imagine how much am in love with my tattoo !!! Also they are Incredibly nice, caring, professional, thoroughly informational ,super-hygienic :)))) I highly recommend .You can’t beat the price for sydney .This is the place !!!!!!!!

  • Tyler Smith

    These guys are great! Took my dad for his first tattoo last weekend and while there, they fit my mum in too even though they were absolutely packed and probably just wanting to get home or go out as it was a Saturday night!! All the staff were so friendly and easy going making the experience an awesome first tattoo experience for both my parents! Extremely clean and professional studio as well! Definitely will be returning for future tattoos, could not recommend any more highly! Thanks again guys

  • Jonathon Matta

    Authentink is one of the most professional,and friendly tattoo parlours I've been to. Awesome inviting atmosphere and surrounded by 'barber-shop' talk and laughs. From the initial consultation to the design, they take meticulous care and pride in what they do, all whilst making you feel completely at ease and confident. All the artists are outstanding in creativity and extreme detail. My artist is a TRUE artist, with his realism being second to none. I cannot thank the team enough and will definitely be back to see him for more.

  • Lotte Robotham

    I went to get my first tattoo here after a co-worker recommended the shop. I was able to walk in after work one day and get an artist to look over my design. The artists at Authentink are adamant that whatever you get tattooed on your body will last and look great for years. I never felt intimidated or belittled when discussing my design despite my lack of experience. When I came back in the next day, I only had to wait 20 minutes before I was tattooed. The studio itself is lovely and everyone I interacted with was polite and friendly. Overall it was a really pleasant first experience and I will defiantly look to come back for the many tattoos I can see myself getting in the future.

  • Georgia Cummins

    I recently had a large rib/side piece of a traditional phoenix completed by Kian Forreal. Kian's work is fantastic and I highly recommend him. After spending around 26 hours being tattooed over multiple session you get you know the studio very well and it was very clean and welcoming with the other crew members incredibly friendly and professional. I highly recommend getting a tattoo from Kian, or anyone else in the shop for that matter, as only the best are employed there.

  • Geetha Ortac

    I have been looking for a studio that I felt comfortable with for months before I finally found Authentink. One day after work, my husband and I dropped by to check it out and that was that. I walked out of the door with a date. The shop staff were very welcoming and looking around, the vibe felt great. I was at ease instantly. While chatting with my artist, it hard not to admire the pride and love he puts into his work. It's great to have the tattoo you want done in the best way possible, but it means so much more to have it done by someone who respects his art and work. Sitting there and watching the other artists work, it is clear that this place is full of talent. I'm glad that I found this studio and left with a positive experience.

  • Sara Tacchinardi

    One of my best tattoo experiences EVER! Staff are super friendly and very professional. I felt I was in the right place the second I walked in. I've just finished my 3.5 hours session, my artist awesome. He was lot of fun to talk to during tattooing and a wonderful artist. He used my skin as a canvas and made it look so easy. I'm beyond happy with the results, it looks better than what I imagined. These guys definitely deserve 5-star review. But you deserve 10 stars! Thanks guys keep up the awesome work!


Artist Reviews

Reviews from former artists and guest artists to get an idea of the relationships we foster with our artists and what they have to say about working at Authentink Studio

  • Jarrad Serafino – Melbourne, Australia

    Authentink is an incredible studio. Comfortable, friendly and immaculately run. I came up for two weeks for my first guest spot with little work lined up, and ended up flat out busy every single day. Kian and his crew definitely run a tight ship, truely the most organised and well structured tattoo shop i’ve worked in, and a lot of fun. I left feeling fulfilled and inspired, and look forward to returning!

  • Joao Bosco, LA, USA

    To work at Authentink Studio was a honour and pleasure. A truly well organize and friendly environment, where the respect for both artists and customers are nothing less than priority. Kian and his whole crew approach the craft with enourmous respect. After working in many shops around the globe, i have to say that theres not many parlours like this, therefore , whenever I'm in Sydney, Authenink will always be my home, my harbour.

  • Vincent Penning, Netherlands

    Authentink tattoo studio Is one of the best studios I have had the pleasure of working at. Kian’s organisation of shop and staff makes work easy in a very busy shop . The clients are great I believe this is due to the semi private nature of Authentink, only serious clients make the journey, making them very easy to work with and open to your ideas as a artist allowing you to be able to make quality work. Authentink was and is a great experience , I have learned and grown there and made awesome friends I hope to get back there soon.

  • Ian Forlife Tattoos, Germany

    Arriving at Authentink at the early stage of my career was a chance to focus and progress on a wide range of style and technic to really find my way inside the tattoo scene. It was great for me to be surrounded with talent in a very busy environment with some of the kindest and easiest customer ever.

  • Jess Martucci, France

    Arriving at Authentink at the early stage of my career was a chance to focus and progress on a wide range of style and technic to really find my way inside the tattoo scene. It was great for me to be surrounded with talent in a very busy environment with some of the kindest and easiest customer ever

  • Inma Alted, London UK

    Guesting at Authentink for a second time has been good! I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside a fantastic team of artist from all corners of the world, from whom I’ve gained friendship and knowledge. The lovely shop management keep things running smooth at the busiest of times. Having stayed a bit longer this time I’ve had the chance to work on larger scale projects. I love my loyal and trusting customers here and look forward to coming back!

  • Eloise Entraigues, Adelaide Australia

    Authentink is a very busy, perfectly organised shop where both artists and customers are provided with a very high level of service. Working there was a pleasure and cannot thank Kian and his staff enough for welcoming me into their shop.

  • Lucky Bastard FTW, USA

    Authentink is a very well oiled machine down to the smallest details. Super organised and efficient without feeling like a doctors office. Kian and the crew keep it light and fun. Had a blast working in this friendly environment. All the clients are treated with respect and the time is taken to help guide them through the process to receive the best end product. I don’t always go to Australia but when I do I work at Authentink in Sydney. Thanks again to the staff and all of my delightful clients that I had the honour of working on. See you all next time!

  • Emilie Miletune, Adelaide Australia

    Had an amazing time working at Authentink with Kian and his team. Everyone at the studio has been so welcoming and it was great to work alongside all these talented artists. A very professional place where customer service is at its best. Thank you again Kian for having me!

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