Max - Authent/Ink

Full Time Artist


Experience: 2009

Max was born in China and has been tattooing over 10 years , he studied architectural design, interior design and industrial design at University. After graduated with high marks, Max has engrossed himself in entertainment industry , and he participated in project of < Star Trek: Enterprise >, <Darksiders >, < Ufc2008 > and < League Of Legends > as a concept artist .

Max came to Australia in 2009 and studying graphic design at the Central Institute of technology in Perth, meanwhile he became an apprentice within Sacred Tattoos and learning from Master Stuart Rendell and Greg Dawson. After finishing the study of tattoo, Max chose tattoo as his lifelong career. In 2014, Max founded Ravenink Studio in Nanjing to develop his own tattoo career.

In order to constantly improve himself, Max came to Sydney and joined Authentink Studio in 2020. With years of experience in design, Max has thoroughly studied many different cultures and Arts to improve his tattoo design. Also as a Taoist, Max attention to detail and patience for perfection with inner peace. Max speak English, mandarin and Cantonese and loves black & grey realism, portraiture, traditional oriental and tribal/ geometric designs.

To book a free 30 minute consultation with Max just fill out the contact form requesting him or ring us on 8399 1973!




2009年,MAX来到了澳洲PERTH,在Central Institute of Technology学习平面设计,同时在Sacred Tattoos跟随Stuart Rendell和Greg Dawson学习纹身。结束纹身的学习之后, MAX选择了纹身作为自己的天职。

2014年Max在南京创立了Ravenink Studio, 致力于发展自己的纹身事业。为了不断的学习与提高,2020年Max来到了悉尼,加入了Authentink Studio,成为旗下的一名纹身师。





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