Authentink Tattoo Studio is going Green! - Authent/Ink

We think about our tattoos as lasting forever, a permanent mark on our skin that will live on with us. But at what cost to the environment? We live in a world of keep cups, home worm farms, renewable energy debates and climate strikes, it is impossible not to think about our choices and the impact we have on the environment.

Ethical and cruelty-free consumption is at the forefront of very consumer decision, and every effort to be sustainable and healthier for both the customer and the environment has become increasingly important to us here at Authentink Tattoo Studio, and it is with this ethos in mind, that we will use to shape our decisions and our business practices!

We are committed to put every effort in to going towards “Zero Waste Tattooing”, however it is likely to be a long road ahead of us. The very nature of tattooing makes it hard, as there are so many disposable, single use medical grade products that are used in the process of making a tattoo. And finding the balance between providing the utmost health and safety of our clients and doing the right thing by the environment will be a tricky line to find. However, it starts with the simplest of actions, such as

–  Using vegan products where possible, with the focus being on ethically sourced, cruelty free products (as opposed to specifically animal product free)

–  Reduce printing, re-using paper scraps, recycling paper for artwork drafts

–  Drawing on iPad, doing revisions digitally rather than on paper (although our traditional artists who embrace analog formats, using ethically sourced papers for the sketch work)

–  Freehand tattoos! No paper print outs, no stencil paper wastage!

–  Introducing indoor plants to purify and cleanse the air

–  Opt for “green” ways to travel to and from our studio – we are literally 10m from a new Light Rail station and less than 50m from Central Train Station

–  Using biodegradable or recycled materials wherever possible (even post it notes!)

–  Ethically sourced disposable materials and compostable plastics (yes this is a thing!)

This is not a change that can happen overnight, but as a studio, we believe in making these changes over time and will update you as we progress. It is important to support all local businesses that make changes such as these, as it comes at a high cost to a small business, but we all benefit from this changes in the future. Seek out local, ethically run businesses and show support where you can! Go green with us, and have a think about what changes you can make in your life!




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