Custom Calligraphy Tattoos - Authent/Ink

At the end of 2020, we welcomed a new artist to our studio who brought with him a highly specialised skill.

James was born in China, but came to Australia to study. He is a native Chinese speaker and has a deep passion for Chinese water colour scroll art and oriental designs.

He has always loved to paint, but by developing his skill and clientele for custom calligraphy and water colour scroll art, he has found his niche and speciality at Authentink Studio.

His tattoos are truly one off, no two are the same. He creates the original artwork with paint and brush, which is then transferred to stencil and tattooed on your body. This can be used for custom brush stroke characters in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, but also in aesthetic painting of florals, bamboo and even samurais.

Call or email the shop to book in a free consult with him to discuss your custom project, and check out his full portfolio here!


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