Getting a portrait tattoo at Authentink Studio - Authent/Ink

If you like tattoos and are on social media, then you’ve probably seen all the “worlds worst tattoos” pages that circulate your news feed. More often than not, they are portrait tattoos, of someone’s loved one tribute gone wrong. Capturing the character, the life, the spark and the beauty of a human face is difficult in any medium, but especially hard with ink on skin. It is important to choose a skilled artist who specialises in portraits to get the best result an also for your new piece of art to stand the test of time.

Choosing the perfect picture can be hard. You should gather as many photos as you can, a good mix of full shots and close ups, to bring to your consultation with your chosen artist. You want to find a picture that is aesthetically pleasing, that features a good composition for your chosen position on your body and encompasses the character of the persons personality. However, from an practical perspective, you also need to choose a picture that has the correct balance of light and shadow so the artist can easily replicate this detail on the skin. The best photos to use are ones that have been taken in natural light, outdoors or near a window. Photos taken with a flash tend to wash out the persons facial features and can make it difficult for the artist to get a sense of the contours of the face. A good portrait tattoo artist will help you choose the best photo to use for your tattoo.





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