Inked AU/NZ #17 - Authent/Ink

Inked AU/NZ – Authentink Article – December 2012

by Kian ‘Horisumi’ Forreal


With 2012 coming to an end soon while I sit here and write this -and if you believe the hype and conspiracies and the Mayans and the Aztecs.. the world may be coming to an end as we know it as well! But if you’re reading this it is 2013 and we survived… so it looks like everything probably worked out and we all worried for nothing, at least for now!

In my worldly travels I learned from first hand experience that the people that inhabit tattooland love a good a conspiracy theory, myself included. It seems to be a global pass time for those that spend their days tattooing the underworld, the military, businessmen and the misfits and all those in between, talking with them for hours every day about all the what-ifs and did-you-knows that there are to talk about in this incredible and ridiculous world. Tattoo shops are a special kind of place that knows few boundaries or taboos and everything is fair game for conversation, discussion, debate and ridicule; From the coming one world government, cashless society and suppressed technology to hidden cures for cancer and political corruption scandals… it all gets bandied about in the shop! I will refrain from naming names to protect the paranoid… but many of the guys and girls I know at all levels of the tattoo game and also many in other realms of society, they harbor deep suspicions of one sort or another about the coming end times.. in whatever form or guise they choose to believe in… economic collapse, New World Order takeover, pole shift, climactic catastrophe, global war, aliens, meteors, zombies apocalypse, the list goes on.

Take the Mayans for instance… the calender they created 1500 years ago that ended just a few days before Christmas… they have a temple complex that they constructed around 100AD in Mexico that is an exact map of our entire solar system with all the buildings and temples in perfect distance from one another in relation to all the planets in our solar system.. and the main Pyramid of the Sun that resides there is nearly identical to the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt in size and structure. When these people say something about the future..its probably best to listen…. But like I said… if we’re reading this then hopefully the dates were off and the world hasn’t ended! Thankfully in Australia not every single person can and does carry a personal firearm… in the case of a zombie apocalypse I reckon there would be a lot of collateral damage to non zombies in the quest for food and water… here in Australia we are also very lucky to have an abundance of wildlife and a low population density… making it an ideal place to survive whatever comes our way… you just need to have your bug out bag ready and head for the hills when the time comes!

Historically, tattoo artists have lived on the fringes of society, been rather nomadic, and kept company with those that trawl the same waters, So it makes perfect sense that there would be a sense of foreboding and perhaps an access to inside knowledge about the workings of society that people living within that society would either not be privy to or chose to ignore for the sake of blissful ignorance. Fluoride in the water is a good example… I don’t why but tattooers around the world seem to be very aware of the dangers of ‘stuff’ in the water and the food and various other plots to keep us in check, whilst your regular citizens either doesn’t know or doesn’t care.. perhaps because tattoo artists chose to ‘opt out’ of polite society when they were called to tattooing, as you were in the old days, or maybe we’re all just paranoid from too much partying 😉 Either way… I guarantee that if you strike up a conversation with your tattoo artist about something like freemasons, illuminati or aliens… they’ll have a story to tell you!

So.. are there tattoos out there that signify a belief in the coming end times? Why of course there are! Whether the bearers of these tattoos know what they mean or not is a different thing altogether, I suppose the foremost symbol of conspiracy would be the all-seeing eye in the pyramid denoting the New World Order which is also on the back of the American one dollar bill. People are drawn to this design for whatever reasons they can justify in their own minds, for many its soley its mysterious connotations and murky meanings that gives it the allure that attracts people with a mind for conspiracy. The Masonic symbol of crossed compass and square would be another design to intrigue and ignite debate about who really controls the world, and of course the Aztec and Mayan calenders themselves make great tattoos and a permanent reminder of things to come…

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year and that the world keeps spinning for at least one more year, I have a few bodysuits to finish! J

Looking forward to great things happening this year, stay tuned!



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