Kicking off 2015! - Authent/Ink

We’re coming to the end of the 2nd week of Jan, the 2nd week of work for 2015, and what a crazy time it has been! The shop has been pumping, with ongoing clients, new starts and loads of walk-ins! We have two amazing guest artists joining our studio for a short time, and our senior apprentice has been busy tattooing herself!! Not to mention some huge PR with the release of our studio feature in Tattoos Down Under, Kian’s column in Inked Australia as well as his coverage of the London 10th anniversary Tattoo Convention, and the King of Tattoo Convention in Tokyo!!!

If the last two weeks are a gauge of what is in store for Authentink Studio, we are all going to be very very busy! And we wouldn’t want it any other way! 🙂

Here are some pics of what we’ve all been up to for the last two weeks!

It’s been a week of sleeve starts for Kian Forreal, with a dragon, koi, phoenix and dragon koi sleeves all being born!

koi dragon sleeve kian forreal   phoenix sleeve tattoo shop sydney

dragon sleeve kian forreal

This dragon/koi sleeve client did a massive 12 hours over 2 days to get his full sleeve and chest plate outlined and background half completed in one trip!

dragon koi sleeve sydney tattoo shop

We had a visit from Kian’s client who’s affectionately now known as BFK (big fucking koi), who dropped by so we could get a healed shot of his completed back piece!

koi back piece sydney tattoo shop

Kian completed the background on Blair’s phoenix back piece, next session = colour! Can’t wait to see this come to life!

back piece tattoo kian forreal

Chipping away at Roel’s warrior back piece, armour was coloured in… its getting there!!!

back piece tattoo kian forreal

Seth Arcane has been wowing us and his clients with his finely detailed dot work, fine lines and geometric wonders!

Seth Arcane Sydney Tattoo Shop

Oversized unalome on the chest! Tough!

Seth Arcane Sydney Tattoo Shop

Metatrons Cube – Sacred geometry!

Seth Arcane Authentink Studio

Classic mandala tattoo wrapping the shoulder

Seth Arcane Authentink Studio

Close up of a ornamental dot work on the top of a foot. Very detailed, feminine and elegant!



Dotwork stag and geometry

Seth Arcane Sydney Tattoo Shop


Lauren Fox has been killing it with colour!

Watercolour dinosaur fossil for a scientist wanting something with a twist!

Lauren Fox Sydney Tattoo Shop

We call this one, Pinurtle!

Lauren Fox Sydney Tattoo Studio


Lauren Fox sydney tattoo shop

Cubist style coloured wren on ankle

Lauren Fox Authentink Studio

Black and grey Mass Effect ship! little bit more to go on this one…

Lauren Fox Authentink Studio


Master of realism, Kei Kitamura has been totally flat out, making the world  a more realistic place piece by piece! 🙂

Virgin Mary


Angel back piece




Sydney city harbour scene!



If you want to see more from our artists, you can check out their full portfolios and bios here


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