A look into the studio that Kian built... - Authent/Ink

This studio is like a living organism. It grows, it evolves, it has ups, it has downs, but it has been a journey to get where we are today. A super fun journey

The bees knees, the mutts nuts, the shiznit, however you choose to phrase it, this Studio is like no other.

Here’s a sneak peak into some of the bits and pieces that make Authentink Studio what it is…


Kian Forreal’s Back Piece Wall of Fame

Kians back piece wall of fame

The “Kian Forreal Pain Management Centre”

Authentink drink station


Shunga and Shibari themed bathroom


Clockwise from top left : Marco Serio original signed print; Pino Cafaro signed print; photos of Kian Forreal in front of shops his worked in all around the world; mahogany Balinese mask; client Viking Polaroid portraits; skull and bone collection Β 

Authentink Skulls

Cabinet of Stuff, top to bottom; Master Shifu Brett Russel; gold plated skull; air cone remote control; skull beads; Kian Forreal designed Wicked Energy drink cans; temple trinkets


Flash Tribute Wall

Authentink Flash

“Stairway to Heaven”

welcome to Authentink


Badass Japanese Gangster Movie Posters on the stairs

Japanese movie poster Authentink


The Mezzanine level



Downstairs from Upstairs

Authentink studio

Β Authentink

We’d love you to drop by and say hi, check the place out, have a drink, look at the portfolios, meet the artists. We’re open Tuesday – Saturday, 11am-7pm! See you soon!

Suite 306, 4-14 Buckingham St Surry Hills


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