Merry Christmas from Authentink Tattoo Studio | Authent/Ink

Today is our last day of work before Christmas, with a well earned 3 days off for the entire team!

So, before we shut up shop, we are sending all our family, friends and clients lots of Christmas love and well wishes! We hope you have scheduled some time off for some rest and relaxation, stay safe and healthy out there!

Please see below for our full festive season opening dates!

  • Closed: Thursday 24th December
  • Closed: Friday 25th December 
  • Closed: Saturday 26th December
  • Open: Sunday 27th December 
  • Open: Monday 28th December 
  • Open: Tuesday 29th December 
  • Open: Wednesday 30th December 
  • Closed: Thursday 31st December 
  • Closed: Friday 1st January
  • Open: Saturday 2nd January 
  • Open: Sunday 3rd January 
  • Closed: Monday 4th January 
  • Open: Tuesday 5th January 

From Tuesday 5th Jan our opening hours will resume to our normal Tues-Sat, 11am-7pm

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