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It’s a pretty big deal to get someone else’s name tattooed on your body. Especially a highly visible part of your body! If its your partner….Yes, its a huge gesture of love, commitment and adoration, but its there forever! What if you don’t like them after a few years? You’re just going to either have to find another “Sheryl” to fall in love with, or go for the shameful cover up. Kids names are sweet though, you’re stuck with them for the rest of your life whether you like it or not! May aswell get their name tattooed on your body!

But this guy who came in to the studio last weekend after visiting the Supernova Pop Culture Festival in Sydney, was next level! Heath had flown up from Melbourne, and paid a small fortune for a special ticket to meet and greet comic book legend and personal hero, the one and only Stan Lee!

Authentink Stan Lee

After spending hours waiting in line, it was finally his turn to meet Stan Lee. Rather than get Stan to autograph a photo, or a limited edition comic book or action figurine, Heath asked him to sign his arm, telling Stan he was going to get it tattooed! Stan smiled and slightly shook his head, “You’re crazy” he said. And we kinda agree!

Heath came straight in to Authentink Studio, trying hard not to sweat, or rub anything against it, and got Kei to tattoo over Stan Lee’s hand writing on his upper forearm, preserving the autograph forever!

Authentink Stan Lee

Authentink Stan Lee

Nice work Kei! And thanks Heath for coming in to Authentink Studio and trusting us with your priceless tattoo! We absolutely love it!

To see more of Kei’s work or to contact him directly, please visit Kei’s profile page!


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