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Authentink Studio now proudly offers body piercing and jewellery.


Our resident body piercing artist Tim has nearly 20 years experience in the industry and brings all of his knowledge and skills to Authentink.

We have a full range of basic and high end body piercing jewellery available and can special order anything we do not stock. We offer all the standard piercings; ears, nose, lips, tongues, eyebrows, nipples, navel –  plus basic female genitals.

At the moment we are not performing sub dermal implants or male genitals.

Piercings at Authentink Studio are 16 years old +

We don’t pierce children or babies ears, sorry.

We offer piecing 5 days a week, Tuesday to Saturday 11am-7pm – walk-ins welcome


Piercing Price List- All jewellery implant grade internally threaded titanium.

Ear Lobe    $50 single, $80 pair
Cartilage   $80 single, $140 /pair
Daith         $90
Navel-        $90
Nipple-      $90 single, $150 pair
Tongue-    $90
Septum-    $90
Lip-             $90
Eyebrow-  $80
Nose-          $80
Hood-         $170

Optional extras available to add on at request including opal, Swarovski crystal, Cz, star, moon, lightning, trinity designs and many more. we can also special order for you

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