Portrait Tattoos at Authentink Studio in Surry Hills - Authent/Ink

Authentink Studio’s in-house black and grey specialist, Kei Kitamura has just completed yet another amazing portrait this week. This client came in with his favourite photo of hise daughters, but wanted a Japanese twist. Kei added in a coloured chrysanthemum, which gave the tattoo a pop of colour, and a touch of femininity in this tribute to his daughters.

PellaSarissaTattoo3-225x300 Kei Authentink Portrait

Portrait tattoos are some of the most personal tattoos you can get. There are many reasons people get portrait tattoos; like memorialising a deceased loved one, as a show of dedication to a significant other, or immortalising your offspring on skin. Pulling off an awesome portrait is difficult, it requires years of training and practice and generally you’ll find tattooers that specifically specialise in this area.

Traditionally, portraits are done in black and grey. But using colours sparingly for highlights can really make features pop out and add another layer of depth to your portrait.

Research is key! Find an artist you like, and check their portfolio! Don’t go into it half-assed, the last thing you want, is your tribute to a sweet old nan looking like a troll on your body forever!

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