Seeking Interns for Authentink Studio - Authent/Ink

Kian ‘Horisumi’ Forreal is now accepting applications for a shop intern with a pathway to being Horisumi’s personal Deshi at Authentink Studio in Sydney after a probationary period for the right candidate.

You must be honest, punctucal, dependable and fluent in English reading and writing. You must be 27 years old or younger and a permanent resident of Australia. It would helpful it you liked people and were a socialable person as this is a service position above anything else.

You must enjoy cleaning (or be well adept at faking enjoying it) & be passionate about Japanese art, Japanese tattooing and improvin your drawing at all time, of course.

Familiarise yourself with Horisumi, his history, his work, and his studio. You must be passionate about being a traditionalist Japanese style Deshi, you must want it.

If you are just looking to learn ‘how to tattoo’ this is not the position for you.

Read the rest at the link below…. thanks!

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