Seeking studio Interns with a pathway to tattoo apprentice - Authent/Ink


Horisumi’s  senior student is leveling up this year and will be doing more tattooing so there is a position potentially available for a suitable candidate.

Want to do something meaningful with your life?

Kian ‘Horisumi’ Forreal is now accepting applications for a shop intern with a pathway to being a Deshi (apprentice) at Authentink Studio in Sydney under Horisumi. You must be honest, punctual, patient, dependable and devoted, and fluent in English reading and writing. You must be 25 years old or younger and a permanent resident or citizen of Australia. It would help it you liked people and were a sociable person as this is a service position above anything else. You must enjoy cleaning (or be well adept at faking enjoying it) & have an interest in Japanese art, Japanese tattooing and improving your drawing skills at all times of course.

Familiarise yourself with Horisumi, his history, his work, and his studio. You must be passionate about being a traditionalist Japanese style tattoo Deshi and have the strength to serve the studio and its artists. Research what this means, if you are just looking to learn ‘how to tattoo’ this is not the position for you.

Please do not Facebook message, email, call the shop about this position or drop by the studio in regards to this position.

Application instructions are as follows: read carefully.

Write a handwritten letter to Horisumi introducing yourself, explaining why you want to get involved in tattooing and what it means to you. You may attach some drawings to the letter. Please enclose a recent photo of yourself and be sure to include your contact details and any social media links you have. Put all this in an envelope and mail it to the studio
Kian horisumi forreal
Authentink Studio
#306 4-14 Buckingham St.
Surry Hills, NSW

More information is located at the bottom of this page 




Good luck!! ??????

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