Summer Guest Artists at Authentink - Authent/Ink

There’s a special something about the tattoo industry that you just don’t get   in other trades. The global tattoo community is tight knit and welcoming. You can land in a city, head in to a tattoo shop, and be amongst like minded people who will offer you a beer and company for a bite to eat.

It is the ease of traveling that welcomes a certain type, the global nomad, the traveller who lives out of a suitcase, is not bound by material possessions and who chases the eternal summer, making friends on all sides of the planet! They draw inspiration from many external influences, meet artists all over the world which puts a great spin on everything they draw up!

This summer we welcome several such nomads to our studio. From Korea to Italy and the United Kingdom, some for quite extended stays. So if you are looking to start a large scale piece, don’t’ be shy, get in touch!

First up we have Mauro from Italy. A black & grey realism specialist, no, genius! He can go everything from high contrast portraiture to soft grey scale work. So, photo-realism, religious tattoos, realistic animal portraits, etc. He loves it all. This style is super hot right now, so if you want to get a spot with him, email the shop now to grab a consult spot before he completely books out!

Next we have Woo, the identical twin of our freehand traditional Japanese specialist Soo, who is also a freehand traditional Japanese specialist. It is hard to pick between the two, not just because they look the same, but because their work is both insanely good! Soo is booking up solidly, so what better choice than to get a tattoo from his equal-in-all-ways brother!

Staying with the Korean vibe, we offer you Zush. It is difficult to put his style exactly into words, you just have to see it! It’s definitely got an Oriental feel, with a quirky and colourful twist. He has a tonne of flash available, but can also draw up anything from wherever you can draw inspiration from! Think Sailor Moon inspired mon mon cats, lucky cats redrawn as pugs, kittens wearing spider man outfits. Yep, its all happening!

Kami will be back! 10th Dec will be his first day back, and he is already booking up with his loyal, existing clientele. He loves all things Japanese, but he has been known to smash it at the odd geometric dotwork piece. When you’re that good at perfect circles and dotwork gradients, the people are going to come back from more! He will have time to start some big pieces during his extended guest spot, so get in touch to book a consult as soon as he arrives in Sydney!





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