Tat Jackets for Sun protection now available! - Authent/Ink

finally I got some Tat-jacket sleeves in the shop… these are awesome for summer time!! 50 spf UV protection for outdoor work, bike riding, hiking etc… and good for going out clubbing, drinking, restaurants with a ‘no tattoo’ policy which we’ve seen a lot more of here in sydney. Win win, go in to the pub wearing the sleeve, take it off inside. fits in your pocket. Great for summer days when you don’t have a jacket. Everyone who has been tattooed by me knows how much I hate the sun messing up my work… here is your chance to sort that out for good with no more excuses!! Available individually in either HALF sleeve or FULL sleeve. Drop by the shop to get them in person or order through the website store linked below

Tat Jacket


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