Vegan Tattoo Experience at Authentink Tattoo Studio - Authent/Ink

Wow, we have had an overwhelming response to our vegan and animal cruelty free tattoo experience at our studio!

We have had a flood of enquiries for clients asking about vegan tattoos, vegan products, and vegan aftercare. In fact, many vegans were not aware that the tattoo process is not naturally animal products and animal cruelty free.

Whilst many tattoo artists claim they use vegan inks, the vegan tattoo experience does not end there.Β Stencil papers, used to transfer the design from paper on to the skin usually contain lanolin, a product made from sheep’s wool. Disposable razors and some soaps contain glycerine and many after care balms contain beeswax or lanolin. On top of this, there are many products that are also tested on animals, and many of the companies that provide products for the tattoo industry have very questionable animal testing practices. Many inks are now naturally vegan friendly, but some do use glycerin, which is derived from animal fats, as a stabiliser, sometimes alongside gelatine and bone char. The vegan alternatives can be hard to find, and are often very expensive, which is why many tattoo studios simply cannot afford to use them for every client.

We do not claim to have a 100% vegan studio, but we do offer a 100% vegan and cruelty free experience on request. This process contains certified vegan inks from only reputable sellers, vegan stencil paper, vegan razors, vegan balms and vegan soaps, all from companies that are 100% animal cruelty free. We also provide complete vegan aftercare recommendations. All of this at absolutely no extra charge, for any of our permanent or travelling guest artists!

If you are interested in getting more info or booking in, please call (02 8399 1973) or email the shop and have a chat with our shop manager, Tegan πŸ™‚

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