VIDEO : How to Find Our Studio - Authent/Ink

Some people say our studio is hard to find, but it’s really not! If you’ve ever been to an apartment before, our address works just the same! “#306” is our suite number, and also means we are on the 3rd floor! “4-14 Buckingham St” is the street number. Odd and even numbers are on separate sides of the road and run sequentially, we are at the city end of Buckingham st, in between Rutland and Devonshire St.

If you are still confused, then this video is for you!!

And remember, you can always check with Google Maps, we are on there too!!! ???? if you’re coming by train, get off at Central Station and take the South Concourse exit and it will bring you right out at Devonshire St! Couldn’t be easier!!!!


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