We love custom tattoos! - Authent/Ink

Sometimes clients seem to think they have to come up with their tattoo designs all on their own. Or they think that they have to come in to the studio and pick something off the wall. But gone are the days of tattoo flash mounted on the wall with a corresponding number and price, we are now in the days of totally custom tattoo designs!

In fact, all of our tattoo artists Sydney prefer to design something for you, that way you get something totally unique and all yours. No-one else will have it.

Check out this “inspo” drawing provided by one of James’ clients earlier this week. She knew the concept of what she wanted to get, but she needed an artist to bring it to life for her, to make it a reality.

She booked in for a free consultation with James to discuss her ideas in more depth in person, a size and placement was agreed upon, and James went away to draw up her design.

Check out the end result below!

If you would like to book in for a free consult with James, or any of our artistsΒ to get a custom piece designed for you, send us an email via our contact form and we’ll get in touch to book you in!


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