Authentink Studio will have a huge booth at the Sydney Tattoo Expo this year! - Authent/Ink

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Authentink Studio will be attending and participating in the 2015 Sydney Tattoo Expo at the Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park on  the 13th,14th and 15th of March this year!

 All of our artists will be working the show and will be available for walk-up tattoos, or a chat about future work in the shop. The artists will also have hard copies of their portfolios available to browse.

If you’d like to pre-book for an appointment at the expo please contact the shop by phone, email or in person and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request!

 The shop will have t-shirts, prints, phone cases and other merchandise available for sale and of course we’ll all be smiling and happy and looking forward to meeting everyone! 

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