Winter is here : The BEST time to get tattooed - Authent/Ink

Winter tends to be a slow time for tattoo shops, and I have never understood why. It is THE BEST time to get tattooed. Perhaps because we cover our bodies in layers to keep warm, we don’t think about our skin, and naked form, but from a healing perspective, there is no better time to take those clothes off and get in with your favourite tattoo artist Sydney!

When you have a fresh tattoo, you want to stay out of direct sunlight, immersing or soaking it in water, and even just heat can be extremely uncomfortable! It may seem like its not a big deal to go without the sun and sand for a few weeks, but it can put a serious dampener on your summer plans! A small piece is not too much of a big deal, but it you’re looking at a larger piece like a sleeve where you’ll need multiple sessions with healing time in-between, there goes your whole summer. You’ll be sitting at home naked, bleeding and healing and trying to stay cool! And if you do venture out whilst healing, you’ll be tempted to cover up your scabby, flaky tattoo whilst everyone flaunts around in singlets!

Tattoo shops are much busier during the summer time. With extra travelling guest artists, a fully booked out shop and usually some tag alongs, it can be loud and crazy at times! And of course, there can be a wait time to be able to book in or come in for walk ins. Winter is quite the opposite, the studio is relaxed and calm, with noticeably less people running around, the phone rings less, the door bell rings less, and you can really just settle in for the day and enjoy your experience.

So, don’t sit and think about it for too long or winter will be over, just book in for a consult and get it underway! And then when summer comes around, you’ll have an awesome new tattoo to show off!

Here’s a few of the latest pieces we’ve done to inspire you!!


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