Winter is THE best time of year to get tattooed - Authent/Ink

People get tattooed all year round, but there are several reasons why winter is the best time to get tattooed!

  • It’s easier and more comfortable to heal your tattoo. The cooler weather means it will be much more comfortable to heal your tattoo. There is nothing worse than trying to sleep through a hot summers night with a fresh tattoo wrapped up in a bandage! You sweat, the ink seeps on to your bed sheets (that don’t wash out!) and many people are prone to heat rash which makes your fresh tattoo even more itchy!
  • Easier to cover up in winter. Exposure to UV rays will permanently damage your tattoo, and fresh, healing tattoos are particularly sensitive to the sun. In winter, you’ll already be covered up, and you can let your tattoo heal in piece under your cosy clothes!
  • It won’t impact your summer extra curricular activities. You cannot swim or submerge your healing tattoo in water for at least 10-14 days. That means no ocean, no pool, no bath, no spas, no jacuzzi, no surfing, no scuba, no free diving, no jet skiing, no synchronised swimming, you get my point. That’s a lot of fun summer water activities that are off the table! So get tattooed in winter, and don’t miss out on any of it!
  • Tattoo shops are quieter in winter. Guest artists tend not to travel during the winter months, and there is less walk-in or tourist client traffic coming through studios as well. That means your favourite artists will have more time, which means shorter waiting lists!
  • Your new tattoo will be fully healed by summer! There’s nothing worse than rocking up to work in a short sleeved top with your new forearm tattoo healing ad seeping and then flaking all over your desk. Cover it up during winter while its healing, and then it’ll be fresh and bright and ready to be shown off in your more revealing, summer wardrobe!