Artist Spotlight : PONG - Authent/Ink

Pong is our longest serving full time artist at Authentink Studio. We are lucky to have him and his skills on board, so we thought we’d do a little interview with him to learn more about the man behind the art..

Q : How long have you been tattooing?

I’ve been tattooing since 2008. I had my apprentice in Thailand for half year before started my full time career as a professional tattoo artist in Sydney.

Q : What made you want to be a tattooer?

When I had my first tattoo at the age of 18, it sparked my pursuit of a career in being a tattoo artist. I remembered I’d been to tattoo shop after my art classes for months till the shop owner took me as an apprentice.

Q : Do you have a favourite tattoo you have done? And why is it your favourite?

Actually all tattoo is my favourite. Let’s say the one I remember the most was the one I did few years back, it was geisha and sakura backpiece. I sent the drawing to my client and we’re about to start in few weeks. He suddenly passed away and his daughter sent me a text regarding this sad news. She told me her dad always talking about his new tattoo project. Couple years later she contacted me back and said she would get that design done on her back in loving memory of her dad, then we got it done over few sessions. This backpiece was so memorable meaningful to me.


Q : Do you have an ultimate tattoo you would like to do one day?

I’d love to do neo-Japanese in big scale.

Q : What hurts more outlining or shading?

I think both share the same pain, you either go hard or go home.

Q : What would you do if a client came to you for a consult and you thought the tattoo was a bad idea or a silly idea?

I’ve never judged client’s idea, every tattoo means something to them. I’ll try my best to make it look better by adding some elements. The only thing I won’t do is when client has an idea that against other religions or races.

Q : How do you spend your time off?

Painting and playing with my cat “Sumi” (below)



If you would like to get to know Pong more, click here to check out his biography and portfolio!

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