Authentink Studio Now Hiring Realism Artists! - Authent/Ink

Attention REALISM ARTISTS!  Authentink Studio is looking for YOU to come to join our 5 star team! Our senior realism artist Chang is moving back home to Thailand for a while to be close to family and there’s a big space to fill as he is already solid booked until his departure. Our other realism artists are booked for several months in advance..  join us and walk straight into solid bookings with great clients that want quality work. We have a serious support crew and the shop is managed efficiently and professionally with a focus on making it easy for the artists to devote themselves to their art while we manage bookings and admin. We treat our artists right!  For information or questions please contact 

We offer competitive rates and accountability, you will be busy and looked after.  Feel free to contact any of our artists and ask them yourselves.

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