Authentink's fresh af artist line up for 2022 - Authent/Ink

Borders have been closed for 2 years, which has been a sad time for the avid tattoo collector, with little to no fresh talent on our shores for the longest of times!

Fret no more, we’ve got your back, with a fresh af line up to bring some heat this winter, with all styles and taste covered by our newest members of the crew!

Β Mirko joins us from Italy, specialising in hyper realism, mixed up with some geo and script work too! He loves highly detailed pieces, with high contrast flair. He’s keen to build on his local clientele and has some openings for some large scale, multi-session work too.

Next up, is Juwon, hailing from Korea. His speciality is hyper realism, but on a smaller scale, and with etchy vibes. A hugely popular style in America and Asia, this is exactly the work you’re looking for when you have a strong concept, but are either short on space or looking for something small but still packs some power. Juwon is keen to bring your ideas to life in the form of a totally unique, custom tattoo, the one you’ve always dreamt of having!

Horivida bring some fresh colour to our studio, via Japanese and neo-trad styling. He is a prolific artist, he can bring your concept to a reality, or design something fresh from scratch with little or no input! He has been working around the globe for more than 25 years, so he’s seen it all and can do it all. He’s not a permanent artist in our studio, but is here for an extended guest spot. He can take on large scale work, but only if you get in quick!

Hime, is from Korea and brings all the cuteness they have to offer through her work. She is a self-confessed cat addict and loves doing pet portraits and black work fine line styles. She is a self-taught artist who loves new ideas and quirky concepts. If you’re looking for cute colour work, or ne0-trad styling, script work or anything in between, Hime is your gal!

Last but not least, we will soon be welcoming back Horikami to Australia and to our studio. He was a highly sought after artist prior to the pandemic, and his loyal clientele have been waiting patiently for his return for his epic large scale geometric and Japanese work. We are expecting him to make his return in June 2022, so put your name down now for his wait list and bookings once we have an exact date.




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