Embroidery Patch Tattoos are a Thing! - Authent/Ink

And we have a specialist about to join the Authentink Tattoo Artists Sydney Team!

Does your grandma disapprove of your tattoos? Well maybe this new style will please her! A fusion of the classical art form of embroidery and the modern underground culture of tattoos has now been brought together to bring a new and fresh style of tattooing to our shores, in the form of the embroidery patch tattoo.

Min joins our team in October 2019 and brings with him his experiences in this new art form. The combination of bold bright colours and solid blacks gives these embroidery patch tattoos the appearance of popping off or sitting on top of the skin. Min carefully constructs each one to really have a “by hand” look with loose threads and all!

If you have been looking for something unique, yet traditional, at the same time, well here is a treat for you! Contact the shop on 8399 1973 or fill out the contact form here to book your free consult with Min.

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