HCF ~ new TV ad for tattoos! - Authent/Ink

People get tattooed for many different reasons. Memorial tattoos, traditional tattoos, decorative tattoos, Japanese tattoos, American tattoos, geometric tattoos, cover-up tattoos, spur of the moment impulse tattoos.

But its certainly a sign the times are changing when a mainstream private health insurance company is covering the cost of tattooing over a mastectomy scar!

In a new advertising campaign titled “Health Comes First”, Kian was approached to “tattoo” a lady for the ad. Check it out below!


It is becoming increasingly popular to tattoo over scar tissue, or even stretch marks. Scars are a part of you, they represent your life, your battles, perhaps even your achievements, however some people like to cover them. Scars are permanent, but so are tattoos, so it is important to choose the right design, and also the right artist to do your work. It is important that your artist is comfortable with tattooing over scars, as the skin reacts differently, so make sure you ask them first if it is something they can do.

Before getting scar tissue tattooed, its important to get the OK by your doctor first. Depending on the type of scar tissue, it will need a good amount of time to heal. While it is always possible to tattoo scars (as in, insert ink into the skin) it will look different. Scar tissue is rigid, sometimes raised, rough and less porous, and so the ink does not always settle in the same way. The colours will not always be as vibrant as non-scarred tissue. But this will of course vary from person to person depending on the severity and location of the scar.

If you would like to talk to an artist about tattooing over a scar, give us a call to book in for a consult. Our artists can chat to you about design, colour, shape and placement for you to have an effective cover up of your scar.


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