Horisumi's Lecture at the Art Gallery of NSW - Authent/Ink

On Saturday, 23rd July Horisumi was invited to the Art Gallery of NSW to present a lecture on the Art and Culture on Japanese Tattooing.

Horisumi art gallery

“Follow my talk as we explore the links between old world Japans’ ‘Floating World pleasure disctricts’, Kabuki theater, ukiyo-e woodblock prints, their master artists and how it all ties in together to give birth to a style of tattooing known the world over as Traditional Japanese Tattoo. I will be discussing methods, histories and mythologies of this style and how it was brought from the old world to the new world. We will discuss how it is still practiced today in very much the same way as it was hundreds of years ago and why and the reason tattooing is still very much stigmatized to this day in modern Japan.”

Topics covered included:

The first evidence of human tattooing

Handmade tattoo ink and tattoo tools

The introduction of tattooing to the Western world

The influence of Japanese tattoos to the Western world

The Floating World and its relevance to woodblock prints and tattoos

The Samurai, The Hikeshi and The Otokadate

The 108 Heroes of the Suikoden

The elusive Yakuza

The Sanja Matsuri festival

Dr Fukushi and his tattooed skins






Attendees had a chance to get up close and personal with three of Horisumi’s clients who have ongoing Traditional Japanese Bodysuit tattoos. It gave everyone an opportunity to see all the concepts that had been discussed in the flesh!

art gallery of nsw

kian forreal authentink

horisumi art gallery

If you missed out on attending, don’t worry! Kian has been invited back to do another talk at the Gallery, and already has another seminar planned soon with the Japan Foundation later this year! Keep your eyes out for details!!

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