Jason's Back Piece Update - Authent/Ink

Technically, Jason’s body suit is complete. He has a full back piece, full front, two full length sleeves on his arms and legs. This is known as a “Donburi Soushinbori”

Traditionally, a bodysuit should be able to be concealed under clothes (or a kimono in Japan) and it is deeply a personal journey, something that you complete for yourself which other people rarely see.
Jason will be keeping traditional in some senses, and will not get his hands, neck or face tattooed.
However, he does not want his journey to end.
The next step for Jason will be to get his arm pits tattooed. It is customary to get shunga in this spot, which are Traditional Japanese small, erotic and humorous designs.
To read more about composing  Traditional Japanese Body Suits by Horisumi, please visit out IREZUMI page
Congratulations Jason, on this huge milestone in your tattoo journey.
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