Kaws X Super Mario Bros 1up Patch by Min - Authent/Ink

KAWS is an American graffiti artist and designer known for his toys, paintings, and prints.

Super Mario Bros is a cult game created by Nintendo with the now infamous 1up and power up mushrooms known by many generations of gamers.

These two pop culture icons have been brought together by Min to create a very unique patch work tattoo.

Patch work tattoos replicate the look of embroidery on the skin using very fine lines in gradual colours to create an almost 3D illusion of hundreds of threads coming together to form a patch, that appears to sit on top of the skin.

Check out the process below!

If you would like to chat with Min about him creating a custom, unique patch work tattoo design for you, he’s love to hear your ideas1 Get in touch with the studio on (02) 8399 1973 or via our contact form here

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