New Issue of Inked Australia/NZ - #29 - Authent/Ink

Inked Australia Kian Forreal Authentink


The new issue of Inked Australia/NZ is out now, and has some really great reads in it!

Kian’s column this issue is about all things on tattoo expos, and most recently the London 10th Anniversary Tattoo Convention, and the King of Tattoo Tokyo Convention, both attended by Kian.

Authentink Inked Australia


There is also additional coverage of the London Tattoo convention and the King of Tattoo Tokyo convention in the back pages with some amazing photos of Kian with some tattoo legends such as Ed Hardy, Horiyoshi III, Jess Yen, Horikitsune, Mike Rubendall, Luke Atkinson, Mick from Zurich & Henning Jorgenseon.

Grab a copy to check it all out!!!

Kian Forreal King of Tattoo

London Tattoo Convention Kian Forreal

Kian Forreal King of Tattoo



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