Where is the best place in Sydney to get a tattoo? - Authent/Ink

How do you choose a tattoo artists Sydney?

1. Look through their portfolio, either on the studio website or on instagram. Most artists will do custom drawings for you, usually at no extra cost. So you don’t need to find an artist who has done the exact same tattoo you want. Look at the quality of their line work, the depth of shading, saturation of colour and overall artistic style. If their art work “speaks” to you, book in for a consult!

2. Come prepared to your consult. Bring questions, ideas, photos, reference, original design etc. Is your artist easy to talk to? Are they receptive and respectful of your ideas? Do they give you some creative ideas? Can you picture yourself sitting with them through your tattoo session? Are they upfront with pricing and quote on total price / hours?

3. In NSW, tattoo artists are required to be licensed, and work within a licensed premise. These tattoo premises are then governed by strict laws regarding to health and safety and require public liability insurance. The studio should be clean, sanitised and hygienic.

At Authentink we pride ourselves on 5 star customer service. We do not charge for drawing time, our consults are free (and you can book multiple consults if you need more time to flesh out your ideas?).

We have an artist representing pretty much every style of tattoos you can imagine. Black and grey, realism, tebori, traditional Japanese, neo Japanese / modern Japanese, fine line, patch work style, portraiture, American – traditional / neo – trad, trash polka, dotwork / geometric, tribal / ethnographic. Is there something not listed? Send us an enquiry form and we can sort you out!

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