We’ve had an awesome new artist join our crew this month, bringing fresh, new talent in to join the already bustling shop!

Soo Tattoo comes to us from South Korea. His passion lies in creating authentic and highly complex Traditional Japanese Tattoos, with his preference to do it all freehand directly on to the skin! Check out this koi piece he has started recently!

The upside of getting tattooed by Soo is that there is no wait time, he can literally get started straight away as he doesn’t need time to prepare artwork, it goes straight on your skin! Getting a freehand drawing tattoo takes trust a certain level of trust in your artist, but after looking at some of Soo’s work you will definitely feel like you’re in good hands!


Soo is taking bookings for consults now. If you are looking at getting a large scale piece, jump on it now! He can take on large projects with an immediate start as he builds his clientele here. You can request a consult through our bookings page here